The neon image0081.jpgKoigu socks have finally been finished.   These were started way  back in January and they were supposed to be a birthday present for my friend, Marta (blogless, but wonderful).  Anyway, when it came time to mail them I could only find one sock. Fruitless searching left me no alternative but to mail the card with a note explaining that her socks would be sent upon the discovery of the wayward mate.  Well, several weeks went by and one day while searching for something else I discovered a ball of Koigu with the sock needles stuck in it. The reason I couldn’t find the missing sock was because I hadn’t knitted it yet!   Well, here it is finally and these will be mailed on Monday to Marta.  Along with some chocolate to compensate for their tardiness.










Last night’s evening constitutional took place at a local lake rather than our neighborhood park. A myriad of trails surround the lake and nearby hills.  The woods and lake always smell so good in the summer.


My eldest daughter’s best friend, who’s name also begins with A and shall henceforth referred to as A+, came with us. 


This picture perfectly sums up all of their personalities.  A+ looks silly and loveable, A1 is a fashion diva who never missed an opportunity to pose, A2 spent the walk exploring the local flora and fauna with an emphasis on the insects, and A3 never stopped moving.  I swear this girl is made out of rubber bands.

In addition to these lively girls my DH insisted on walking out into the lake atop every available fallen log. It’s like having another kid.


I finally convinced the girls to stop walking out on them, but he continued exploring each one as it came along, no matter how rotten or precarious. 

At many of the openings near the lake shore the trees are festooned with casualties of the fishing season.  The next time we go I’m bringing a cane and scissors so I can retrieve some of the lost gear and replenish my tackle box. 


My eyes are much better and now they’ve mostly faded to a pale shade of pink.  I’ve been wearing sunglasses to people won’t think that I’ve been smoking marijuana or that I’m spreading pink eye throughout the free world.  One spot stubbornly remains bright red though.  The picture is small so that you can ignore it.  For those of you fascinated with really gross, icky stuff then you can enlarge it.  Ewww.  But anyway, it’s easier to see and only the edges of my vision are blurred.


And today is the squadron picnic.  I need to pick some basil to stick in the three bean salad still.  I didn’t want it to get too wilty so it’s going in right before we leave.  And because the gathering takes place in a large, grassy field with little shade I’ll be wearing my ice vest.  It isn’t fashionable. In fact, people have been known to laugh and make rude comments while I’m wearing it.  But I’ll have my knitting with me and should anybody pop off at the mouth he/she may end up impaled by a size 1 dp.  I can always blame it on a sudden spasm.

The resume and letter writing portion of applying for a new job have finally been completed and I’ll turn those in on Monday.  The rest of the application is already on file.  My current/old boss (the one I still work for on a substitute basis) wants me to come back as a full-time preschool teacher this fall.The problem is that the hours there don’t coincide with my own daughters’ school and I really don’t want them in daycare for the residual time.  Not only do they hate it, but it’s expensive.  Heck, the reason I stayed home for 10 years was so they wouldn’t have to go to day care.  I’ve crossed my fingers, toes, arms, legs, eyes and anything else possible in hopes of getting this new job with the school district.  Not having a Master’s Degree is my biggest challenge.  

Hope you all enjoy a wonderful weekend.



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  1. I’m a teacher in CA (5th grade) and I just decided to (finally!) get my MS this year. I’ll be starting in October, and it should take about 18 months. I’m doing it online, primarily because it just fits so much better into my already too busy life. The one thing that struck me, enrolling for this MS, is that the cost of this program exceeds my entire 4 year college experience! (Yes, I’m old LOL)

    It’s never too late to go get that Masters, if you really want it, Heide.

  2. I’m stunned that you are having trouble getting a teaching job without a Masters. I can understand tenure and promotions, but actually getting the job? Wow. Marta’s socks are so pretty. I’m sure she doesn’t mind waiting for something so lovely. The park looks so pretty. Grover and I are now doing our walks in two parts. It’s gotten too darned hot! The girls are growing so quickly. A1 looks so mature. She’s reached that stage where she jumps between little girl and diva. My wish of patience goes to you both. Have a wonderful Sunday!

  3. Love your socks.

    Love the picture of the girls together.

    Good luck with the job application!

  4. Rae

    Love the socks girl! It sounds like you need to sign up for Ravelry. Just kidding 🙂

    I agree with Christine. It is never too late to get your masters. You would have an edge in job searching if you could at least say that you are currently in a master’s program.

  5. The walk looks really lovely. So green. (sigh). Goodluck with the job thing. I’m in a similar boat right now, but it feels like mine is taking water fast! Glad the eye is getting better. :o)

  6. david

    Did you get a chance to do any fishing?

  7. Those are ncie photos in the park. I can’t imagine keeping track of all those active kids, though, that’s be quite the work out.
    Glad to hear your eyes are getting better.

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