Hello.  Still alive here, but working lots.  There wasn’t enough of the peach yarn to complete the Krista Sweater.  This fact was discovered part way through the back when I looked at what remained of yarn and realized it wasn’t happening.  So that version was frogged, new stash yarn was pulled out and another sweater started.  I’ve almost completed the knitting portion of this, but the blocking and finishing may have to wait.  Also, because the mystery stash cotton is plain white it may be dyed another color.  Last summer I purchased a huge selection of Procion dyes and they may as well be used. 

Now off to rouse the kidlets and get ready for work.  And if anybody knows who broke in and messed up our house I would appreciate any information leading to their apprehension.  The fugitives tossed the house, rifled through cupboards and even managed to eat most of the food. Oh wait, that was us.



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  1. I think those same fugitives hit my house every night! I’m sorry the peach Krista wasn’t meant to be, but I cannot wait to see your dyeing of the cotton. Should be fun! Take care.

  2. Need some yarn? I know a shop going out of business!
    I know…your stash is complete…just like my fabric stash.

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