Holey Grapecycle Batman!

It’s official.  I  HATE working with cotton. So much so in fact that it will be a long time before so much as a dishrag is cast on here.   The Krista pattern was well-written and the pattern so easy to memorize that even conversing with preschoolers while knitting was possible.  I definately want to make this again, but with a different fiber.   I used some unlabeled cotton from my stash instead of buying the suggested yarn.  The good news is that my stash has been reduced, but blocking this sucker was a nightmare.  Thanks to Judie’s tutorial on seaming back in May it was finished lickety split.  But it was still plain white and very bland.  My Procion Dye  color selection left much to be desired, but my DH suggested a very dark hue… the darker the better (I think the glaring white bigness of me modeling it for him was overwhelming).  Navy and black not being an option, purple was selected.  And after 18 hours of soaking (another reason to hate working with cotton) in the dye bath this shade emerged.


Please forgive the old sweatpants and pony tail.  I’ve been working in the yard all day.  Anyway, not only is it a screaming shade of grape, but the lovely lacy pattern is quite revealing.  Yikes!  I’m not sure what to do with this particular sweater. Most people on my Christmas list are either too subdued for something this bright or else they possess “Huge tracts of land.” The next one I make will be a larger size to accommodate a shirt underneath.

Tomorrow I resume working every day again.  But some agreements have been made.  First, I only work 6 hours a day or less.  Second, my boss knows that I am still looking for work elsewhere.  Regular school begins here on Wednesday, but most of the preschoolers will begin tomorrow. The way it works in my class is that from 8:30 am until 12:00 am we run a regular school and then the kids who stay an entire day take naps and the afternoon is ran as a day care.  I will be working the early shift.  I love the kids, but my fingers are still crossed for something different to come along.

Hope you’ve all had a wonderful weekend.  My DH just made some kick-ass pico de gallo so I’m off to grill some tilapia for fish tacos.  And in light of the day’s labor a beer is in order too.  I believe there is a dark ale with my name on it in the kitchen!



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11 responses to “Holey Grapecycle Batman!

  1. TruckRLady

    Well I’m glad you finished it, even if you didn’t enjoy doing so from the sounds of it. As far as the color…to me on my screen it looks more blue than purple. As far as the “tracks of land” underneath, might I suggest you find a white cami, or tank that can be dyed the same color to cover the snow white mtns? Just a thought. If you can find a cotton one it should come out the same color – much to BH’s dismay 😉 Enjoy the taco’s…not much into fish here, but hubby would enjoy the pico!
    Miss ya!!!

  2. TruckRLady

    ps – love the pattern of it too! Looks awesome on ya!!

  3. It’s a very pretty pattern, and I think you could probably find a thin enough cami that could easily fit underneath and make it work.

  4. That looks amazing on you!! Go to any store and buy a cotton or lycra tank top to put underneath. The color is beautiful and the top looks like it was made for you – and it was!!

  5. Ted Nugent VanHalen

    You look amazing. You still have it.

  6. The fit and the sweater are lovely. And I’m one of those people who likes screaming grape, so it’s not a problem over here!

    Thanks for the comment over at my place. And sorry your situation didn’t work out. One of the best pieces of advice I got when I was upset about it, though, was that it wasn’t about me, it was about my child. And not to worry about how I looked. I could fix that or prove that (as I have been already of course through time at the school and I’m sure you do, too).

    So I hope you and your first grader can find a peaceful way through the year. I’m still a little concerned about recess/lunch issues but I’m keeping eyes and ears open…

    My thoughts are with you! Thanks for being such a big help through my ordeal.

  7. Well, it’s not my size. I have huge tracts of land, and more land neighboring it. And the country next to it. I won’t even talk about my butt.

    My MIL is coming over tomorrow and will stay for a few days. Not sure how to swing the sleeping situation. Maybe the girls can share a room for the duration.

  8. OMG!!!! You got a comment from Ted Nugent VanHalen? How hot are YOU to get him to comment???
    I hear you about cotton, knitting or dyeing it. I’ll never do either after one attempt.

  9. Personally, I love the sweater. I hate cotton, but I love the sweater. It does need a cami underneath, but the “kids” are wearing black, so why the heck not? I’ll bet that dark ale tasted mighty fine. Take care and do not work too hard!

  10. Marion

    I think it’s gorgeous – get a purple bra!

  11. Rae

    I think that it looks awesome! I think that you would like it better if you had a matching cami on underneath. It looks like the bamboo sweater I just finished and I have the same cami issue.

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