I am completely astounded.  Ms. Kimberly over at Some Bunny’s Love  sent me a lovely skein of Debbie Bliss’ Baby Cashmerino!  And it perfectly matches my stash DBBC so now I have the option of making something other than a hat or scarf.  Hooray!  Thank you Kimberly.  She had generously offered to send this a week or so ago, but I had completely spaced the entire correspondence and was quite surprized when it arrived.  Is it possible to have dementia at 40?

This past weekend my DH and I played catch up with the yard work.  One of his chosen tasks was to harvest the remaining onions.  We didn’t plant a large variety or quantity of vegetables  because the garden needs to be established, but apparently Walla Walla Sweets grow well here.  We’ve been eating onions in everything from French Onion Soup to Continental Onion Pie. This table shows what he pulled on Sunday. My mom suggested quartering and freezing them but for the life of me I can’t remember if they’re supposed to be blanched first.  Remember that dementia question I had? I’ll need to call her back.


Another stash busting knit session yielded this herringbone scarf. The pattern was available free from a creative person’s blog.  And for the life of me I can’t remember where it came from. Again with the memory. The yarn was a prize from Georgia, a.k.a. the Yarn Pirate, last December.


This too will be put in the Christmas stash pile.  It isn’t very long (28 inches), but it is very warm and dense.  I guess this would almost fit into the category of muffler rather than scarf.

Now off to bed so I can be bright tailed and bushy eyed for work in the morning. 



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5 responses to “Dementia

  1. I’m glad you liked the “surprise” even though I told you I’d be sending it. 😉

    Sorry about work. I wish I had the guts to take the high road when need be. Recently I wrote something that reminded me of a time I hadn’t done the right thing. I want to take back the hurt and pain I caused this person even though it’s over a year ago. Good luck!


  2. Sorry to hear about more work-related irritation. If you quit now (again), you may have more time to go out and find a different job. And your stress level will go down. And you’ll feel better about doing more housework and knitting. Sometimes I just throw crazy ideas out there with no expectation that anyone will ever listen to me. It’s OK. Like you, my dementia takes over and I forget that it happened and I don’t stay mad. 🙂 Life is CHAOS now and I’m so stressed out, I want to cry.

  3. I hope your day pans out better than you expected. I think you’re wise not to vent publically though. What you said was sufficient for us to know you had a really crap day and to send lots of sympathy and empathy. And you’ve kept your dignity too by not indulging in an unedited rant. Good for you. I do hope things improve. Glad to see you still have time for some yarn fun. Those onions look fantastic. Shame we don’t live closer – I could swap you some onions for some lettuce and lemons. ;o)

  4. Ms. Kimberly is a very sweet and generous person, isn’t she? Glad you are a recipient. Hope you find a new job right quick!

  5. That’s quite the onion stash you have going there. What I do for onions is dice them up, put them in freezer paper, and then in a zip lock bag. I do the same for peppers, ham and a few other things. And they are ready for eating any time. (And you just never know when the craving for a western omelette will hit.)

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