Hey there!


Lookee at the pretty green yarn that came today from Mama-E!  I’m thinking this needs to be a shawl or stole so its glorious greenness can be seen by all. Any suggestions y’all may have regarding a shawl or stole pattern using 430 yards or less of yarn are welcome.

And I’ve cast on a nap time sweater with the peach colored yarn.  Nap time being defined as something that can be worked on in a semi-dark room without the pattern suffering from numerous interruptions. 

For evening knitting I cast on a Print O’ The Wave Stole this week.  The yarn is Marina Piccola  from Scout. I’ll have to order more before this can be finished.  I’m thoroughly enjoying this pattern, however I’m averaging only one repeat per night before my eyes cross from fatigue.

Thank you all very much for your indignant and supportive replies to the post regarding the school “misplacing” my youngest daughter.  I abstained from calling them all sorts of vile names because some of the jobs I’ve applied for are with the school district.

Today one of the preschoolers in my class shoved wads of toilet paper up both of his nostrels, where it remained stubbornly lodged until two adults could extricate it.  Can we say a collective, “Ew gross!”  And to his parents I’d like to make this request, “Please refrain from reproducing again. The one you have needs lots of attention!”  This was the most socially acceptable accomplishment this particular youngster performed today.  Somedays all you can do is hug the little darlings.  He isn’t a bad kid, he’s just not incredibly smart. Even after being reduced to mouth breathing he was still trying to stick more paper up there.*

I spun a pound of New Zealand top too.  It’s not been dyed yet so a picture would be boring. This particular wool was very slippery.  So far I enjoy the BFL best when it comes to wool.  It has enough texture to grab easily (I know, not technical spinning term) and it’s lots softer than Romney.

Now, off to catch up on everyone’s blogs.  You all lead much more exciting lives than I.

*just a note this morning to clarify to everyone that I absolutely love working with children.  In fact, they are the only reason I keep saying yes to coming back in to work.  My complaints are with the mismanagement and silly antics of the adults I work with.  And this particular little guy I was talking about is one of my favorite fellows.  Mostly because I know he really needs the attention I fear he doesn’t get elsewhere.  He calls me his “Big Friend” and his face lights up when I get there in the morning.  So please don’t send me hate comments about the recount of yesterday’s events. It was a long day and this was my attempt to unwind by adding some reflective levity to a scary and potentially dangerous situation.



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8 responses to “Hey there!

  1. You can probsbly knit a Forest Canopy Shawl with an extra repeat with the green yarn. The Mama E yarn looks YUM!

  2. Cindy

    The Luna Moth shawl only takes 327 yds. (it’s free from Elann). Hey, blogs are for venting. I know you love kids. You have to love kids to work with them (and talk about them the way you do). I understand about your little guy. It would have scared the bejebus our of me, too. And, yes, it sounds like he needs his “Big Friend”. It makes me want to cry. And, that’s why I don’t work with kids. Oh, and the Print o’ the Wave? Beautiful. Have a terrific weekend, kiddo!

  3. All three of those yarns look so good together – what a happy “on the needles” selection!!

    I love your stories about kids! I work retail and agree, that there are a lot of kids who need/crave more attention then their parents give them. Which is why they come and rip my store apart while mommy is looking for the perfect jeans… I think the children in your class are lucky to have you – a compassionate and caring friend!

  4. Fi

    Hey, it’s your blog…vent away!
    I love the yarn. Great to hear you are using NZ fiber. I wonder if I’ll be lucky enough to grab some on my trip??

  5. You spun a pound?! I am so ashamed of my lack of production here….

  6. Hahahahahahaha! Poor kid… My niece once stuffed beads up one nostril and required a trip to the ER. The doctor there provided a unique but effective method of removing it. First, he got four nurses to hold her down. Then, he plugged the open nostril (the one without the beads), and blew into her mouth, like mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. The bead flew out of the plugged nostril without any need for surgery or drugs. Hopefully there won’t be any hysteria about doing something like this, but it’s better than trying to free the stuff with tweezers or some other sharp object.
    Beautiful yarns and knittings! I have some crocheting that I’ll take a picture of as soon as I get the kids to bed. It’s a birthday surprise for Emma!

  7. Pretty yarns! There are lots of rectangular shawl patterns out there. They make it pretty easy to knit until you think you have just enough for the border and finish it off.

  8. Oh, that’s some goodie stuff that you have on your needles these days – I *so* adore the blue yarn!!! What an awesome color! And Mama E’s looks gorgeous too! As for a shawl pattern, I’ve been looking at lots of them lately too as I so would love to knit one – my decision was the “Luna Moth Shawl” from Elann. com, I think you would even have enough yarn for that – a beautiful and not too complicated pattern!

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