Seasons are changing!

The past few mornings have been cold here.  What’s more, it’s not completely daylight at 6:30 any more. 


Just minutes (the time it took me to find my camera) before the sky was a wonderful magenta, but it soon faded to orange sherbet. And if that isn’t proof enough that fall is nigh, leaves are turning already too.  This summer just seemed to fly by.

 The blackberries are all but gone and once again I feel guilty that so many were left unpicked.

Last night A2 received her “Big” birthday present.  Nothing girly for this one, it’s a remote control helicopter. 


 Unfortunately her Dad really liked it too.


The whole family got into the action as her sisters ran to and fro retrieving the wayward toy.  And all of the commotion attracted the neighborhood bully, who came over to check things out and to keep us in line.


But a near miss with the helicopter convinced him to leave us for a quieter group.

I opened up my knitting wardrobe (it’s a HUGE mess) to seek yarn for the Arwen cardigan, but I’m not up to digging out the worsted weight yarn in the bottom tote.


Why is it that whatever is needed always is the most inaccessible? Maybe this weekend I’ll have the courage to face this disaster.

Hope you all enjoy a wonderful Thursday!



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8 responses to “Seasons are changing!

  1. Neatnik asked me how come there was pink in the sky this morning at 6:30!

  2. At least your stash is in totes in a cupboard. Mine has started crawling out of the wire storage racks and is on its way out the door.

  3. Beautiful picture of the sunrise! As for the stash, I completely understand. If it’s on the bottom, I have to work up my courage (and strength). The blackberries will come back next year, you can harvest then. Cut yourself some slack girl. And, I’m so glad DH loved A2’s present.

  4. Such beautiful photos! I really miss all the blackberry bushes – picking them during the late summer for jam and pies…

    Hang in there with the stash – I am so glad ravelry forced my hand with mine 🙂 Although mr.sunneshine about broke a rib laughing as he was reading my stash and realized that I was actually writing where it is all stored – under the bed, under the nightstand, ect…

  5. Gillian

    I move again soon and the stash moves too, although I’m attempting a stash-buster top to whittle it down a bit. The weather is cooling here too and the blackberries are in season, but will I have time to gather some and cook them in the middle of moving home?
    Cats are canny that way, they always bite the hand that feeds them but we go on loving them anyway.
    Cheers Gillian

  6. Oy, shock!!! I just typed a looong comment and forgot to send it before closing the page. Yeah, right on ;(
    I’m totally impressed by that pic of the sunrise, these colors are ever so inspiring! And the helicopter – wow, what a totally cool gift this is! I so had to grin about the “neighborhood bully”!
    And, your stash is totally impressive, as well as the way you have it stored. But indeed – it’s one of the big mysteries of life that the things we need are almost always inaccessible – at first, because usually there’s some ways to get to them 😉 Good luck with that 😉

  7. Pretty sunrise! What a cool present – I hope she had a great birthday!

    Good luck with your job interview :o)

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