Mid Week Catch Up

Just a quick post to say that I’m still alive and well.  All of this working and kid-farming really sucks up time though. I finally finished the Luna Moth Shawl and it is blocking in the living room.


Here’s a close up:


The yarn came from Mama-E’s Ceyeber Fiber Crazy 8 Sock Club.  And someplace on my desk or in a basket the label with the fiber content and color name is tucked away for safe keeping.  I love green!  This will be put into the Christmas stash.

Currently an alpaca/wool blend occupies my wheel.  It may end up staying natural instead of taking dip in the dye pot.  There some very pretty, soft variations in the yarn. 


Each of my three daughters has laid claim to one of the bundles of roving from the fiber festival.  I’m not sure yet how to proceed spinning these.  Having no final project in mind leaves me with no idea of weight, plying, etc.

A second skein of Scout’s Marina Piccola arrived yesterday so hopefully the Print O’ The Wave Stole will see some action in the near future.   

Finally, my Mom found a spinning wheel in a local thrift store near her home. It needs a new drive band and the brass hooks need to be replaced. Coincidentally, it is a Louet wheel, but the number is unknown. It came with three bobbins and it seems to work just fine.  And the best part?  She paid $20.00 for it!  Let me hear a “Woot, woot!” for Mom.  I’m trying to convince her to give it a try, but she said she’s going to send it on down here.  As you can imagine, my DH is less than thrilled.  Silly man, he just doesn’t get it. Night all!



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11 responses to “Mid Week Catch Up

  1. Splendid! Congratulations on such a lovely shawl.

  2. Yep, made it over here – thanks again for the link & comment! The Luna is gorgeous; the alpaca/wool does look quite pretty just as is (reminds me of fog, or pigeons’ breasts); and WOWSA on the wheel!! Your Mom obviously has the Luck gene. 😉

    And after drooling over your OFFF acquisitions, I’m congratulating (or kicking) myself on being so focused on spindles at the Carolina Homespun booth. That Bombyx Opal is screaming accusingly at me for not stumbling on it and bringing some of its siblings home. Fortunately, they have a website… [g]

  3. Double woot woot on a $20 wheel! Take pics so we can I.D. when it arrives. Luna Moth looks fantastic. Was it the kind that you start at the mid neck and work out? And the border is knit into the design rather than adding it on?

  4. The Luna Moth shawl turned out exquisitely. As for the wheel. OMG!!!!!!! That is so incredibly exciting. How cool for you? And neveryoumind DH. This is all about the fiber. The alpaca/wool on the wheel looks so shiny and EVEN! You rock, girl! Now, where can I add another exclamation point!!!!!!?

  5. The shawl is so cool! I don’t know when I’d ever use a shawl, though last night I was thinking “gosh it’s chilly in the house…” and wishing I knew where my cozy sweater was. Boxes, boxes, boxes… And my MIL and FIL are coming today. Gotta go clean up a bit!
    Love, K

  6. Oh wow a new spinning wheel! :o) That was a great buy. Love the shawl. I’m a green fan too, so I think it’s doubley (gad, is that a word?) beautiful!

  7. Your shawl looks wonderful! :o)

  8. What a beautiful shawl!! Glad to know that others block like that too!

    Congrats on the new wheel! What a find!!

  9. …and it is as I told you in my mail this morning: The Luna Moth is amazingly and stunningly beautiful! My gosh, it looks so fragile and delicate – and that gorgeous colorway makes it all the more special! By now I’m totally in love with this pattern and the reason why I haven’t yet cast on for it is simple – I haven’t found the perfect yarn for it yet! But I will – and mind you, when it comes to blocking, I will have to ask you for help, it seems you’ve done the perfect blocking job indeed!!!
    Oh, and congrats on the new wheel – yay for that!!!

  10. Twenty bucks?! Nice steal.

  11. ooh! ooh! I *love* that green! I have two shawls…ummm….let me see if I can find the picture…here ya go click…in a similar green. Yours is beautiful!

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