Southern Cemetery uppercase E || Vinings, GA I D E h_McElman_070718_3051 O/the Peanut Store

I am loving this!  Very cool and clever site

I’m ready to cast on the left panel of the Cardigan for Arwen.  I’m making mine significantly longer than the original pattern called for. 

Chat at ya later!



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  1. Goodness! You better get yourself a nice little starbucks after that!

  2. I like the Arwen! But I like the extra length as you do, too.

  3. Hope the day wasn’t as bad as you suspected it was going to be. I hate days like that. But they just make the good ones all the more sweeter. :o) Hang in there.

  4. Oy! This doesn’t sound particularly funny – I hope everything went a lot better than expected!

  5. Now I’m intrigued…what was it you were dreading? Who were the inquisitors? ‘Twould be a shame to not share!! If you need any sewing help, let me know and we’ll make a date to get together. Honest!
    Love, K

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