Rainy and Cold Outside

The chilly drizzle provided a perfect excuse to knit, spin and catch up on blog reading (of course this was after extensive cleaning and laundry, I’d never neglect my duties). The left sleeve on the front of Arwen was reached, but 10 stitches needed to be eliminated because the arms were way too long.  Attempts at spinning an even DK weight were thwarted by poor pre-drafting.  But it was enjoyable just the same.  Maybe making a plied, bulky yarn will help the finished product as far as consistency.

Bonny and Tasha maintained a temporary truce.  Usually Tasha, the older, white kitty, avoids Bonny at all costs. And in turn, Bonny stalks and ambushes Tasha at every opportunity.


A3 received a set of Lincoln Logs  as a special surprize for having her first all Green Card week.  For those of you unfamiliar with current discipline tactics in public schools, this is how it works.  Each child begins the day on green.  If that child fails to follow classroom rules (talking out of turn, not paying attention, etc.) then he or she changes to a different color card.  Colors vary drastically from classroom to classroom, but there are a series of color changes and each new shade represents a different level of social descent.  The universals in the card flipping system are that green is good and red is the worst.  And believe me, with three headstrong girls we’ve visited just about every shade of the spectrum over the years.  A3 has a particularly difficult time because she can’t sit still.  Others must find it strange, or suspect us of harboring illegal aliens because we’re always reminding the girls to get green cards. Anyway, the two youngest  spent much of the weekend constructing log cabin villages with the earnings.

Between showers (outside rain that is) we took a quick stroll through the “garden” to make future work plans. Some seasonal stragglers surprized us!


Saturday’s mail included the October offering from Mama-E’s Crazy 8 sock club.  The yarn colors  almost match the late harvest vegetables.


And as a bonus Erin included a wonderful project bag!

Here’s a question for those spinners out there.  How do you treadle?  For those of you lucky enough to own a double treadle wheel the answer is obvious.  However, when a single treadle is the only option available do you spin with one dominant leg, alternate legs or have you developed some other method?  My family thinks it odd that I cram both of my Clementine-sized feet onto one little pedal and sit at an angle.  Which is why one of my daughters took this “funny” picture.


(Please ignore the residual summer tan lines on my feet and the pajama bottoms).

Another universal for me is that no matter what, I can NOT spin while wearing shoes.  Is anyone else out there thus afflicticted? Inquiring minds… okay, maybe just me, want to know!



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8 responses to “Rainy and Cold Outside

  1. I treadle with my dominant leg. I’m too uncoordinated to use the other leg. Both legs? Feets too big. Congrats to A3. I loved Lincoln Logs. Have a wonderful chilly rainy day of fiber fun. And could you send some cleaning mojo my way? Take care kiddo!

  2. My residual summer tan lines beat yours! Go to my today’s blog and check em out.

  3. tk

    But did you make more chocolate chip cookies? ;o) Rachel is back with homecoming stories . . . I’m glad she shares things with me–we never would have told our moms the kinds of things she shares with me!!! WOW

  4. I spin in socks. Usually handknit socks.

  5. I, too, can not treadle unless barefoot or with socks. Nothing more. It’s just not right.

  6. Thanks for your comment, and a bigger thanks for premie hats. Not sure yet what we’ll do about gathering them up; now what’s that saying about “making a plan and sticking to it”? Well, planning ahead has never really been my forte; shooting my mouth off, maybe, but not planning ahead! I can’t spin in shoes, either, and my feet get cold so I wear socks, but my foot didn’t get enough “grip”, so I put a piece of that non-slip rubber shelf lining stuff on the treadle; the puffy kind that looks woven but isn’t and doesn’t have sticky stuff on it. Viola! I can now wear my handknit socks! I keep the piece of shelf lining in the basket with my orifice hook, oil, extra bobbins, etc.

  7. Jessica

    Spinning is usually done barefoot, although if cold socks are ok. I find it is possible to spin in shoes, but just not as enjoyable and you don’t have the feel. My wheel is double treadle, but I’ve used single treadle wheels and with them have mostly used my right leg, because that was the side the treadle was located on. I happen to know though that Kim uses both feet on her single treadle louet.

  8. Yay for green! I got a lovely call from Dobby on Thursday that started with crying and ended with sobbing – when you hear, “Mom, can I just come home?” in my house, odds are someone mouthed off and they’re in trouble. Oh and no, she didn’t get to come home, she got to lay in the bed she made. Yes, I’m a mean Mommy – just ask her ;o)

    As for barefoot spinning – you are actually doing it the way most of us do it. Spinning with shoes is frowned upon since it will damage your wheel (or at least, make it dirtier faster).

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