The Post brought to you by the letter “F”

“F” is the letter of the week in my preschool classroom.

F is for Four and F is also for Frog… as in I had to frog back Arwen for the Fourth Friggin’ (another F word) time.


F is for Flower,


the leader of the Whisker Clan on Meerkat Manor.  My middle daughter, who follows this show religiously, was devastated when Flower died (I admit that I cried too).  I promised to take her to the movie, “Queen of the Meerkats”, in 2008.

F is for fatigue, following a long and gruesome (aren’t they all) Monday.

F is also for friends.  I hope you all have a tintillizingly, terrific Tuesday.



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9 responses to “The Post brought to you by the letter “F”

  1. Say it isn’t so! I’m swatching for Arwen, oh, now…

    Please let it go well!

  2. Sorry to hear about the F’ing Monday. I drove up to Bham for the quilt guild meeting–I’m not sure it was worth it, but I did get a replacement spool of thread for the project for Donna. My best to you for a triumphant Tuesday!
    Love, K

  3. tk

    Hmmmmm, I’m still on “E;” I’m teaching “Eighth” grade today. Tomorrow I will graduate to “F” when I move on to the “Fourth” graders. I kid you not (I got the phone call last night after 9pm).

  4. Hmm, the kindergarten should be examining the letter e this week.

  5. Sorry about the trip to the frog pond – but it is going to be such a beautiful sweater! And thanks for the laugh – with no kids at home, I had forgotten about days sponsored by letters and numbers 🙂

  6. A is for alliteration. Love it. I’m sorry about the frogging. I usually spend a long time continuing (in denial) and then have to admit defeat and frog more than I should have had to in the first place. I refuse to watch Meerkat Manor just for that reason. First, it’s addicting and then it’s so sad when a beloved character dies (I’m thinking Bambi’s mom). Have a terrific Tuesday.

  7. tk

    Phew–I survived!!!!! (I actually prefer the eighth graders! I had seventh graders in the mix too . . . They didn’t understand when I told them that today wasn’t an “S” day . . . gosh)

  8. Did you ever read Watership Down? Same sort of thing as Meerkat Manor only with cute fluffy bunnies in England. If you haven’t, don’t read it for the same reason. It’s also sad. Why is it that an animal’s death can get to us as much or even more in a tv show than a persons?! Commiserations about Arwen. I did a bit of F-ing on that one myself, but you’ll get there. I’m stalling on starting one for myself because I’m considering ways I can change the sleeves to a regular sew-in sleeve. I’m mathematically challenged so I could be waiting awhile. LOL. Have a good Tuesday Heide!

  9. tk

    Someone needs to update . . . gosh!

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