What’s Willpower Precious?

We needs it!  In the words of Ado Annie, “I’m just a girl who can’t say no.”  I’ve long admired Rogue, but because of many other WIPs and queued projects it’s always lingered near the bottom of my “to knit” list.  Well now that Jessie has gone and started a KAL for Rogue, temptation triumphed.  The pattern was ordered and printed this morning.  The plan is to spin up the three pounds of wool/alpaca into a suitable weight yarn.  This complete lack of resistance is why we’re handing out Play Doh in lieu of candy this Halloween.  Chocolate never survives late night forages long enough to be passed out and we end up repeatedly buying replacement candy. I’m proud to say that I’ve not been tempted to taste the Play Doh even once.



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9 responses to “What’s Willpower Precious?

  1. I have the same problem with Halloween candy. I buy mine the night before and allow myself a few. I think play doh could get me egged. I’d be better off just turning off the lights. But I think play doh is a better choice. Good luck with Rogue!

  2. It’s all Jessie’s fault.

  3. Good luck with Rogue! I really enjoyed it!

    We have the luxury of not buying candy for home, just to donate to the church event, as no one ever comes to our house so we go out–church carnival followed by trick-or-treating in a much higher scale neighborhood than our own where they also have a stunt show with Spiderman on the roof and such. Lots of fun!

  4. Sounds so darned ambitious. As for the Play-Doh, does it work? We handed out nickels one year and boy, that went over like a lead balloon. I always make sure to buy stuff I’m not fond of, like Milky Ways. Then, it’s not too tempting (hahahahahaha).

  5. Come on, it doesn’t taste that bad.

  6. You are so funny. Rogue is on my to-do list too. I have the pattern, just not the time at the moment. So many other things to do. I’ll watch your progress with interest. :o)

  7. tk

    Hmmm. I already ate all of our Halloween candy . . . I should probably replace it with play dough, but I won’t (I’m just a girl who can’t say no . . . to Snickers).

  8. I have had the yarn and pattern to knit Rogue for forever – I didn’t know Jessie was doing a knitalong (I’m WAY behind on blogs), very cool!

    Oh and Playdoh tastes nasty…don’t ask. ;o)

  9. Rae

    I waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaant tooooooooooooo maaaaaaaaaaaaaake ooooooooooone toooooooooooooo.

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