A Tantrum of Gargantuan Proportions

Okay, so not only is my DH going away on business, but he’s going to NY.  And on Sunday he’ll be driving right by Rhinebeck on his way to Boston.  Yes, the same Rhinebeck that is host to NYS Sheep and Wool!  The significance of the event is lost on his fiber-challenged mind.  Sunday is the day that Stephanie will be speaking.  And he isn’t interested in stopping to hear her! Then to top it off he’ll end up in Boston for several days.  Boston… home to Miss Lulu Dave, V, Jeff and countless other talented bloggers and knitters.  Home of the Boston Tea Party , Harvard (okay, so Cambridge is close to Boston) and to all of those fine cabooses from AWW.   Knitting is completely out of the question this evening as gauge would be way too tight. I need chocolate. Now.



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11 responses to “A Tantrum of Gargantuan Proportions

  1. oh, does he owe you big!

  2. I think you should steal a seat on this trip of his :-p

  3. The humanity of it all!

  4. I had to miss Stephanie when she was in L.A. due to a camping trip. I was going to send DH but it was better for him not to skip work. Agonizing!

    I wonder what I would send DH for at a fiber festival, though. He wouldn’t have a clue!

  5. Um, he’s your husband right? And there are vows? Something about “death do us part”? Just checking.
    And you would SO have fun here, too. Is he SURE he doesn’t need you as a co-pilot, and to keep him company after a long day of work and stuff?

  6. Gillian

    That sounds like the itinerary for a once in a lifetime fibre tour of the NE USA! and he’s going without you! Surely he’ll have to bring some souvenirs home!
    Sorry about the excessive use of exclamation marks but!!!
    Cheers Gillian

  7. Yeah sometimes it just isn’t fair. Bugger dude.

  8. While the cat is away…? I’ve got an unfinished sock, we’ve got lots of kids in he neighborhood to keep ours company, and I’m betting Kelly has to work. And I know the phone number for a really good pizza place. 🙂
    Love, K

  9. Oy! Life just isn’t fair at times ;(

  10. Desingated Hitter

    I’ll give you some Chocolate – hehehe.

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