Nagging… without pictures again

Hopefully this will be the last text-only post.  My camera is currently connected to a picture printer as I attempt to print out photos for some scrapbook pages for my class.  Tomorrow is my last day! 

During the past few days there was no new knitting and only pitiful amounts of spinning .  Last night my wheel came apart several yards into some newly drafted alpaca.  I think it’s fixed, but I’ll “treadle lightly”.  Bwah, hah, hah! That was a sorry attempt at humor, even by my standards. 

My nagging and whining have resulted in my husband considering renting a car and driving to Rhinebeck this weekend, or else trying to convince his co-workers to stop there on their way to Boston.  This isn’t a for sure thing yet.  However, if you all see a middle-aged man wandering aimlessly throughout the vendors’ stalls feel free to assist him with selections.  Would it be pushing it to ask him to take pictures too? 



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10 responses to “Nagging… without pictures again

  1. Hey, if he makes it to Rhinebeck, he can call me (I think I get cell service there) and I’ll be a guide if he’d like.

  2. Well, I’ve been thinking that we should have some sort of non-Rhinebeck or Anti-Rhinebeck thing this weekend…I think there ought to be a law. or a national holiday. SOMETHING! This just isn’t right that there are so many of us WANTING to go. *sigh*

  3. I’ll be home for Rhinebeck
    You can plan on meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

  4. I think pix are too much, but I sure do hope he can go by for you. That would be way too wonderful. I’ll be thinking of you on your second to last and last days at the current job. Oh, and posting without pix? I don’t care.

  5. tk

    Good luck today!!!!!

  6. You bet!!! If I see a man wandering alone who doesn’t look sure about all the yarn, I’ll help him pick out some gorgeous yarn for you!!

  7. What’s a Rhinebeck? Sounds like a beer from Wisconsin. Or is that Rhinelander? In any case, hope you had a good last day at work and you can relax this weekend and get caught up on your laundry & cleaning, then spend several very relaxing hours spinning, knitting, felting and drinking tea and eating chocolate. Heck, find a sitter and head down to Mike’s shop tonight and have some wine!
    Love, K

  8. Bobbie

    Hey, I and some of the PDX Knit Bloggers will be at Starbucks at NW 23rd and Overton on Saturday morning (10/20) at 10:00 to gather premie hats. Come join us?

  9. tk

    Grrrrrr, someone’s daughter is on the phone again . . . ;o) (lmao, mine is on the phone too–and she heard the message I left for you! . . .)

  10. tk

    . . . I want to know how your last day went!!!

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