Spot! Spot! Spot!

This is my spot.


I like to sit in my spot.  I like to be left alone in  my spot.  My butt has its own groove in my spot’s cushion. My drink (hot water) is nearby.  The phone is also nearby so I can answer it promptly when Ed McMahon calls.  My recent spinning is drying behind me and I can check it for dampness from my spot.  From my spot I can view and stroke my new yarn. It’s Elsbeth Lavold’s Silky Wool in three colors, thank you for asking.  I can knit in my spot.  I can read in my spot. I can watch tv from my spot.  My old kitty sleeps curled up behind my head on the back of the couch (hence the white fluff) in my spot. I love my spot. 

I am sad.  I am sad because I am not in my spot.

 Yesterday I sat here.  


Yesterday and today I took lots of stuff out of here,


and here too.


Obviously lots more “stuff” needs to come out of here.  Stuff removal is keeping me from my spot.  Once the garage is empty of stuff I will sit in my spot. Do you have a spot too?

I love my spot.



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9 responses to “Spot! Spot! Spot!

  1. That looks like a nice, comfy spot. The quilting chair? Not so comfy. The quilt is gorgeous!

  2. Everybody needs a spot! I had one but my spot is kind of in transition now. Eventually, I’ll have an entire room as my spot. I hope you get back to yours soon, though that magnificently colorful quilt is worth leaving the spot.

  3. Good spot – has warm caffeinated beverage and phone and light at hand1

  4. What a nice spot. What pretty yarn. My Mum’s chair is the kitty chair. That, and the sofa. The quilt is beautiful. And, the closet? I wish mine looked like yours.

  5. Nice spot! The quilt is coming along nicely, I see. One of these days I’ll have to come down and visit your spot again. Maybe when your DH returns we can have an adventure (away from your spot…we’ll find another fun spot). Find some food that will hit the spot. Then get some Spot Shot to clean the spots from your spot.
    Love, Karen

  6. Knitting Hubby and I are moving junque from spot A to spot b, then some stuff from spot b to spot C in an effort to make it look like we are cleaning house. Yeah right. We h aven’t touched spot K (k for knitting) yet.

  7. Oy! That’s such a nice spot indeed – the perfect spot as I see it! And the yarn! And the quilt! Ahhhh 😉

  8. tk

    Wanna help me clean my office? ;o)

  9. Of course I have a spot! I’ve properly trained the minions to either never sit in said spot or to rise promptly if I come within three feet of the spot. heh. Oh..and thought you’d be amused – My immediate thought at seeing only the title was “Out, out, damned spot! I’m silly and definitely geeky.

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