It’s A Long Fall From A High Horse

hu-mil-i-ty: [hyoo-mil-i-tee] the quality or condition of being humble; modest opinion or estimate of one’s own importance, rank, etc.[Origin: 1275–1325; ME humilite < L humilitās. ]-synonyms- lowliness, meekness, submissiveness. -antonyms- pride.

We all possess in inner voice of reason or caution.  This voice reminds us to proceed slowly, to back up our computer files, to not count our chickens before they’ve hatched, etc.   As this past week progressed and long-neglected tasks were accomplished, hubris set in and that voice of caution was blatantly disregarded… ignored and dismissed as a wearisome nag. 

Thud. Does anybody have an ice pack, that fall hurt!  Lessons learned:

1. One clean closet and a clear path through a cluttered garage do not constitute organization. Not when one’s office still looks like this…


Note to self: Children’s school papers are not necessarily on their assigned clipboards. Locate them the night before to avoid mad morning scrambles through mountains of paper.

2. Remain vigilent while using the  metal anti-christ sewing machine.  A trouble-free surface does not mean all is flowing smoothly.  Turn the damned quilt over often and check underneath before discovering that 1/3 of the back looks like this…


after an hour of ripping out stitches there is still lots to undo.  I’ll need two or three more spools of thread now too.

3. Cooking lovingly prepared meals consisting of all-natural ingredients and an abundance of fresh vegetables may be healthier for your family… but it doesn’t necessarily keep your family healthy.  Organic arrogance failed to protect A1 from illness.  She either has the flu or another strikingly similar sickness, complete with fever, coughing, nausea, body aches, etc. 


As compensation for having assorted fluids, pills and other mommy remedies continuously thrust upon her she currently resides in my “spot”, where she has free reign of the tv remote control.  

4. All of that knitting and spinning I planned on doing in my free time.  Ha!  That isn’t happening.  However, I’m extremely thankful that I’ve been able to take kids to doctor, dentist and orthodontist appointments,buy groceries, clean and complete other necessary tasks  put off while working full-time. 

I hope you all are having wonderful weeks and don’t forget to heed your inner-voice.  I’ve learned my lesson. I’ll now slink off quietly to do laundry and clean.  I wonder if a Vick’s plaster would help A1…



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7 responses to “It’s A Long Fall From A High Horse

  1. Rae

    Hope she’s feeling better. I highly recommend that you make a list of the things you want to get caught up on….. and figure yourself some knitting time in there. Like when you get a certain thing done. Otherwise… you will become resentful. A homemaker and mother is a 24/7 job not 40 a week. And for some reason no one sees it that way very often. So, plan a lunch break and knit a little. You’ll be more productive all around in the end. 🙂

  2. Oh I so understand about the quilt. Not that it’s ever happened to me exactly like this, but well I am the person who has knitted and finished a complete sleeve whilst ignoring my inner voice that was screaming (the size isn’t right!!!) and then had to rip it all out and start again. I’ll pass the ice-pack shall I? :o)

  3. tk

    Your office looks better than mine! Awwww, I hope A1 is feeling better–that sucks. Oh, I got the job offer (insert happy dance here) . . . I’ll give you a call sometime tomorrow–will your phone be on? ;o)

  4. Take some advice from me and carve out some time for yourself, no matter what! I’m amazed at how infrequently I get to spin, even now with both my kids in all day school. I have to schedule it or it never happens. Sorry you’re not having your fantasy first week off, though. Now can you help me stop being irritated by my Eternal Houseguest? I’m not being very nice to DH…

  5. lilmommacass

    you are funny

  6. Hiya! Hope A1’s feeling better today–poor kid! I’ve had sewing problems like what you’ve experienced, and it’s usually a tension problem and the machine needs to be rethreaded, top and bottom. I’m thinking about a road trip today to a LQS (shh! Don’t tell Kelly! Oh, hell, it’s my allowance–I can spend it how I want!) to the south. The one to the north is sparcely supplied and it’s such a nice day for a road trip. Hope the day is going better for you! It’s FRIDAY!! Pizza night!

  7. Sorry, A1 – my Neatnik was where you are last week – hope you recover as quickly as she did!

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