Down on the Farm!

Yesterday my DH’s plane was delayed out of New York, causing him to miss his connection at O’Hare.  But after hours wasted in an airport full of annoying people, uncomfortable chairs and overpriced, lousy food  of waiting patiently he finally made it home late last night.

This morning plans were full steam ahead as we visited the pumpkin patch at BiZi Farms.  Family photos are so rare that this may well end up on this year’s Christmas cards.  Usually I don’t relinquish the camera for fear of pictures, but as a nice stranger offered to take this we graciously accepted.


Perfect weather allowed us to visit the many animals,



most of whom welcomed a friendly scritch on the head, or at least feigned interest in hopes of a kind soul slipping them some food.  However, this last guy was a real ass.  He completely shunned all visitors and totally ignored our many attempts at communication.

We tried out some of the antique farm equipment. After shucking the corn it was then  ground coarsely and fed to the nearby poultry.  I can’t imagine the genius behind the creation of all of these hand operated machines.  They’re sturdy and still in perfect working condition.


In addition to these classics there was a working cider press and a rope making machine.

 Next we took a tractor-pulled hayride out to choose pumpkins.


Live bluegrass music played while the mud was washed off of the pumpkins. The re-circulated water was muddy, but the hand pump added excitement to an otherwise mundane task . A little dirt never hurt anyone and we can wash them again later.


My DH’s map reading skills and impeccable sense of direction led us successfully out of the corn maze.  Had I been left in charge then we’d still be lost.  From the looks of the bent stalks and unofficial short cuts appearing periodically through the fields I’m not the only one who sucks at navigating.


Everyone took their two shots with the pumpkin flinging sling shot, but none of us made a basket.

If you squint hard and look in the sky of this next picture you’ll see lots of black dots.  Those “dots” were in fact geese preparing to fly south.  The huge, swirling mass was so loud that it induced flashbacks of Hitchcock‘s movie.  Creepy!


As we were leaving the parking lot a saw a large gold truck with two Socks That Rock  bumper stickers.  Whomever the fellow knitter(s) are, I hope they had fun too.

Back home I started drafting the roving that Loretta sent back with my DH.  The colors blend beautifully and gradually throughout this New Zealand Romney and I hope to do them justice while spinning it up. 


Not only did Loretta and Mike board my DH and shuttle him around, but she also sent me this wonderful travel bag. 


Although some people might be tempted to carry common jewelry in this adorable case, I’ve earmarked it for more valuable and important items… such as stitch markers and row counters.  Thank you Loretta, I love it!

What a day!  This lady has the right idea. 


I wonder if a nap can be fit in before pumpkin carving.



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6 responses to “Down on the Farm!

  1. Looks like you did have a wonderful day! That’s a lovely family photo. :o) Glad to see your eldest is feeling better again. Those blues are gorgeous. They’ll make stunning yarn. (That says a lot coming from this…ahem…dyed-in-the-wool lover of green!)

  2. tk

    Um, we ran errands today . . . You suck. Just kidding . . . kinda ;o)

    Overheard: F—— Rabbit!!!!!!

  3. Thank you for the “trip” to a pumpkin patch. I have often longed to go to one for a pumpkin.
    And on such a nice day- the geese have already gone south from here.

  4. Sounds like you all had fun! Glad that B got home safely, albeit later than anticipated. Chicago’s a fun place to hang out…but the airport isn’t. We’re all going to church today to see Emma’s performance in the choir…I’m bringing Jean along as a Catholic tour guide. Talk to you later!
    Love, K

  5. Love the pix. The family pic will make a great Christmas card. Really, it’s terrific of all of you. Sounds like you had a blast.

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