Hey there! I was going to complain about my broken spinning wheel and whine about not being able to afford a Lendrum DT, but I just can’t.  Sunday morning included the usual trip to the grocery store. Ouch!  Food prices have risen and non-food items , such as cleaning supplies, toiletries, etc. needed replacing so the total was quite significant.  I am so grateful to be able to afford healthy food for my family and to provide such luxuries as toilet paper, toothpaste and soap… you know, things we so often take for granted  and think we need to survive, but in reality we could live without.  So many people in our world live without clean water, let alone hot and cold running water.  Last night after paying the electricity and water bill (combined utilities for us) I felt happy.  Not because of the balance in our checking account, but because my family can enjoy warmth and cleanliness for another month. 

After morning chores I’ll try fixing the wheel again, maybe unsuccessfully, but it doesn’t really matter.   How long will these blissful feelings remain?  Who knows, but I’ll enjoy them while they last.  I’m sure something will piss me off again soon.

Prior to the wheel’s demise I spun some of Loretta’s roving. 


Following the breakdown I added a few rows to Arwen. 


Do you ever find yourself wondering how sweater pieces will fit together?  Other than a few extra short rows in the sleeve and adding several inches to the length I’ve followed the pattern as written.  For some reason the pieces so far appear disjointed and awkward.  Oh well, faith in the designer’s skills prompt me to continue. 

Have a fantabulous day!



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  1. You sound like a happily unemployed lady today. You are not in the poop mines now. I so understand the gratitude. Me, too. The roving is beautiful. I’m sorry about the wheel. And, do trust the designer. I usually overthink and screw everything up myself. Arwen is very beautiful.

  2. Oh, man, you are so ahead of me! Did you do the back first? I’m almost to the cast on for the first sleeve (need to go count rows…)

    I felt the same way this morning. I know I have the rent and the utility money. This month is a luckily low bill sort of month (credits for new TV service, renewing cell phones, not the month for car insurance and we finished our credit counseling on the 21st, yay!!!) and so I pretty much know we’re okay for food and heat and gas and such. If only I didn’t have to pay for a ticket to the father/daughter dance and get a haircut! But that’s probably okay, too. Wish me luck around the 15th…

  3. That’s too bad about the wheel having “issues”. Maybe if you posted a photo of the problem on your blog, we could see if we, between us all, could come up with a fix? 🙂
    The sweater is looking really nice. ANY knits are amazing to me, especially going from just-knit to finished blocking.

  4. tk

    I never wonder how the pieces are going to fit together :o) I only wonder if the finished sweater (not knit by moi) will fit . . . ;o)

    Now I’m going to go and fix a salad because I can’t cook either! BTW, what’s for dinner?

  5. I agree with Daniel – post pix, and call the manufacturer/distributor. I have a friend who called the distributor (Sir Spindle), spent an hour easily, if not more, on the phone with him but in the end, had a wonderfully fixed wheel. That picture of you and your family is GREAT – worthy of the annual Christmas card, definitely! Arwen is beautiful – another one on my project list for the future…can’t wait to see it finished and hear your advise about it.

  6. Yes mee too. Show wheel pics. If nothing else we can all cry together.

  7. My gosh, I so agree with you! There’s so many things that we take for granted and think we couldn’t live without while there’s so many others in this world who never even had this or that luxury in the first place! It’s certainly something to be grateful for – usually life often comes between us and feeling grateful, but with such a reminder like yours today I sure got to thinking again – and feeling very, very grateful again. Thank you for that!
    And oh, your Arwen! It looks great actually, and don’t worry too much about the pieces not seeming to fit. This happens to me all the time, I knit religiously as the patterns say, but when I block the stuff I’m always shocked heavily to see that no piece equals the other. And yet, with a bit of good blocking and a bit of tricking with the sewing things always turn out nicely – and they will with your sweater too! I can’t wait to see it all finished in all its glory – it’s going to be beautiful!

  8. Arwen actually goes together beautifully. Kate Gilbert is very clever. This is looking lovely!!

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