Vengeance, Ratatouille, My Wheel & a Friend

I’m not a big television fan, especially when it comes to watching news. Reporters are annoying and the story choices leave much to be desired.  Most people don’t care what Britney Spears is doing and the constant bombardment of depressing news makes me question if the makers of Prozac sponsor daily reports. That being said, this evening I watched the news and one story made me very happy.

Am I wrong to feel happy that this person was beaten?  Probably.  So there you have it.  I’m just a terrible person, incapable of supporting the adage to “turn the other cheek.” 

Efforts to prepare healthier foods and the restoration of cooking time prompted me to branch out.  Usually Mediterranean food in our home is limited to vegetarian Moroccan Stew, Greek food or falafel.  My girls are fabulous eaters.  They’ve always eaten vegetables, they love sushi, Indian food and the afore-mentioned Moroccan Stew (garbanzo beans, sweet potatoes, broccoli, onions, zucchini and lots of saffron) is a favorite.  So when our local grocery store had eggplants on sale I seized the opportunity to fix something “cool” for the kids by cooking ratatouille to coincide with the upcoming release of the current popular Disney flick


Um, I don’t know if it’s supposed to look like this, there wasn’t a picture with the recipe. The girls bravely tasted this strange smelling and looking concoction… then they proceeded to eat their couscous and oranges.  So did I.  In all fairness to the recipe though, I’m not an eggplant fan.  It didn’t seem right for me to scrape my share of the offending food into the disposal while making them eat the slimy mess, so pb&j supplemented the evening meal for all of us.  Next time I’ll make the Moroccan Stew.

Thank you for the advice and request for pictures of the broken wheel… you are all so nice.   I love my blog friends!  What happened was this… the screw which connected the pedal dowel to the wheel came out.  This has happened repeatedly and the hole in the dowel is now stripped.  Previously to tighten the screw I would line up the hole with the tip of the screw and turn the wheel counterclockwise until it “grabbed”.  Because it was stripped the screw no longer connected, it just spun freely for a few turns and then fell out.


The head of the screw was underneath a covered washer assembly (the brown, plastic thingy) and I wasn’t sure how to open it up  without breaking it. Some finagling with a screw driver successfully loosened the cover  and the head of the screw was finally accessible. I  put some Elmer’s glue into the dowel hole and then put the screw in tightly… and correctly with a screw driver from the back and everything!  It is now drying.

Normally the other side of the brown plastic assembly is connected directly to the wheel itself. But while the wheel is disconnected I decided to paint it.  The wheel will most likely be left solid blue.  Norwegian style folk painting would be nice, but I possess neither the talent or the knowledge to attempt something so intricate. 

And most importantly, if you have a moment then stop on over and say “Hey!” to Christy.  She’s waiting test results back from a less-than-pleasant medical procedure.  I’ve crossed my cross-able parts that the results all come back negative. 



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8 responses to “Vengeance, Ratatouille, My Wheel & a Friend

  1. Hah! That was what I thought when I watched that video – and when I saw the pic of the guy how he looked after being beaten up, I thought “Hah! HAH!!!!” I’m not into violence myself, but in such cases like the afore-mentioned, I’d definitely be there to to kick that sucker myself. Hopefully he learned his lesson this way – any other way probably wouldn’t do much good with such people ;(
    Oh, your meal looks interesting indeed! I’m not a fan of eggplants myself either, but this does look yummy indeed and I would have definitely given it a try! How great that your girls are such good eaters – I know people whose kids wouldn’t even look at vegetables and fruits, let alone eat them, so your girls sure make it a lot easier for you to have them eat healthily!

  2. The hole will need more than a little Elmer’s glue. See if you can find a larger screw. Between the wood and the plastic part, see if you can find a narrow washer to go in there. The screw really shouldn’t be coming out, and the washer will help reduce the amount of friction from the rotation of those parts. If the screw comes out before you can get a larger screw and washer, wrap a little yarn around the screw and coat it with glue, and squeeze the glue into the yarn wrapped around it, then put it back in. (I’ve used that glued yarn trick a number of times, and it’s worked on every one!)
    Looking forward to seeing the new blue wheel. 🙂

  3. outdoorluvnrookiequiltr

    Thank you Heide for the pleasant positive thoughts. Even 2000 miles away, friends like you are never forgotten! I’ll update my blog when I know more.

  4. I gave a silent cheer when I saw the pic of that bastard. Yeehaw! Oh, does that make me bad? Who cares. Serves him right. So, I thought you were so clever with your repair and then I read Dave’s comment and thought, yeah, he’s right. Still, it was a good idea and should hold a little bit. As for the ratatouille, yeeeuck. I so do not like the stuff. It sounds good when you read the recipe, but the result I do not like. I am very impressed that your girls will try anything. Good for them, and you!

  5. congrats on the screw
    sorry about the eggplant (we do not eat eggplant here but we sympathize with those brave enough to try it)

  6. tk

    Well, at least you made an attempt. We ate leftover pizza . . .

  7. Fi

    Totally agree with you on that news story. What an animal! Eggplant is a tricky one isn’t it? We don’t use it often either. Maybe it’s an acquired taste??

  8. I had eggplant once. I wasn’t impressed. It sure is pretty when it’s raw, though! I made one of the kids’ favorites tonight–cream of chicken and noodles. It’s a white cream sauce (made from scratch! Lots of butter, milk, and chicken broth) with canned chicken chunks, then I threw in some broccoli and served it over tube noodles. I went out to the Irish pub and had a pint of cider and a burger. mmmm! OK, it was a meeting (not an AA meeting, hence the cider!). Of course, I got home to a house that STINKS! Thanks, Ben. I gotta fumigate the place.
    Love, K

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