Costume Pictures

What a quiet Halloween.  Only a handful of trick-or-treaters were out and about.  The frigid air and the fact that this is a school night were major factors, but still… it makes me wonder if kids were spreading the word to skip the green house on the right because of the crappy Play Doh.    

Here are the obligatory costume pictures.


A3 as a cheerleader and A2 as a butterfly. A1’s friend as a medieval maiden and A1 as Cleopatra.

I’ve sufficiently gorged on chocolate and other candy deemed “unsafe” for children and thus removed from their annual haul.  Between the caffeine and sugar there should be some strange dreams happening tonight.

Tasha was suitably attired to help greet the holiday revelers. 


Okay, so she really didn’t like the costume and she ran away mortified. As compensation for this short-lived indignity she received turkey .   All is forgiven and her arm is draped over my foot as I type this.  Still, I wonder if one of Dante’s rings in Hell is reserved for people who dress up their animals or carry them around in purses, etc.  

Speaking of animals. One of my younger Halloween visitors was dressed as the most adorable little pirate ever. Both of her parents proudly accompanied her. While kneeling down so she could choose her treats a movement behind the girls’ parents caught my eye.  It was none other than DC, the neighborhood bully  who bites.  I felt obliged in my civic duty to warn them of this menace. So I said, “Watch out for the demon kitty, he bites!”

To which the father replied, “That’s our cat, he followed us.” 

Cricket, cricket, cricket.  Way to meet the neighbors, eh? 

Yup, those should be some interesting dreams tonight.



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9 responses to “Costume Pictures

  1. Oh, a clear case of “Open mouth, insert foot” . . . . exactly like something I would do!!! Why does trying to be helpful always come back to bite you (no pun intended). Ah well, love the girl’s costumes . . . and the kitty’s too!!

  2. Heh – at least the neighbors are informed now. Did you read about the CT case where a group of neighbors sued a cat owner because of the cat’s propensity for making nice then when you pet, she attacked? She’d also do sneak attacks. The neighbors mostly won but didn’t get the order to euthanize that they were asking for. At least, if the owner complied with the order to keep the cat inside.

  3. tk

    Aw, they are so cute (including Tasha). Rach and I handed out candy while watching a couple of episodes of the first season of Heroes. Those kids were so cute! My favorite was a tiny Mario. We had way too much candy, so you know what my lunch will be!

    Oh, Halloween is a weird day to start a new job . . . LMAO! I had to keep reminding myself that it was Halloween, and I didn’t work with a bunch of freaks! ;o) Someone even dressed up as an angel, halo and all . . .

  4. I’m loving everyone posting their costumed kids, as we had zero trick or treaters at our house.

  5. Wonderful costumes for the girls! I love the pirate cheerleader! Goooooo Blackbeard! I have to venture out and find the Cash & Carry–I’m out of tea. It only took five weeks, but I went through three boxes. I’m going to be doing the run around for a bit this morning, but I’ll try to call later when I get back and have my jolt of caffeine (unless I stop at an obliging Starbuck’s and use up the last $4 on my card). BTW, I can’t believe the neighbors reacted so disinterestedly–I would have said, “OMG! He BIT you? When? Are you OK?” Sheesh! We had dozens of trick or treaters here–there are over 200 houses in the neighborhood, and most of them have kids. I found two of them from Cammie’s kindergarten class, including a very nice East Indian lady and her daughters.

  6. Thanks for the pictures of the girls. I was hoping for some. They all look wonderful. They are all growing up so fast. As for the neighbors’ cat? Remember, no good deed goes unpunished. You tried to be nice and warn them. How bloody are your hands from dressing up Tasha?

  7. I, too, would say something like that about the demon kitty. The crickets part was perfect.
    And the kids all look great in their costumes. I’m really liking those butterfly wings, though. 🙂

  8. Tasha looks like the well-dressed witch, though it sounds like she didn’t want to be! All the girls look like they are ready for fun!


  9. We’ve noticed that too – chocolate close to bedtime can engender some really odd dreams.

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