And Away We Go!

Today I’m traveling north to visit my sister so we can ravage local garage sales.  Whoo hoo hoo! I’ve drank as much coffee as possible.  Leftover Halloween chocolate will provide on the road substinance and more coffee will be consumed later.   Hopefully it will provide enough “motivation” to keep up with her… she’s fast and furious when it comes to shopping.

These new comfy shoes entered my wardrobe just in time for the marathon.


They’re really soft and big enough to accommodate handknit socks made from my handspun… that means they’re really big.

Last night I experimented with Navajo plying.  Overall it was uneven and wonky, but there were some really nice pieces mixed in. With practice I should produce usable sock yarn. 


And yes, even though I have multitudes of unfinished projects I cast on a scarf in Kaleidoscope Silk from Cabin Cove Mercantile.


I think this is the branching out scarf… the bottom of the pattern isn’t legible so I’m not positive.  It’s strange to use straight needles again.

Speaking of Cabin Cove Mercantile, I have some very strong opinions on this whole messy blog affair.  The snarkiness and rudeness of some people out there in cyberspace pisses me off.  Would these people who criticized Dave dare to be so brazen face to face?  I doubt they’d have the courage.  But from the safety of their monitors and keyboards they took it upon themselves to butt into affairs not their own and to leave scathing and unkind comments to someone they’ve never even met.  The knitting/blogging community has lost a great contributor now that Dave’s site has been closed to the public.  Shame on those rude people.



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9 responses to “And Away We Go!

  1. Have fun at all the yard sales! It’s one of my favorite things to do, but sadly, I rarely have time to do it anymore.

    I had no idea what was going on over at Cabin Cove! That’s horrible.

  2. I really did mean garage sales. Really. I think I need more coffee.

  3. I just cast on for a scarf on straight woodies last night too! Knitting Hubby thinks of course that I am nuts going back to old skool. Have a great weekend!

  4. I dropped a note to Dave to ask for permission to enter the Super-Secret Underworld of Asswatch (I mean, the now privately-owned and operated Cabin Cove). An exclusive club, to be sure! My computer was down (or rather the network was down) all morning, so I’m just getting caught up on stuff. Hope you had fun g-sale-ing! Find anything fun?
    Love, K

  5. Dave Daniels

    Have fun at the garage sales. Who knows, you might even score on a really cool antique spinning wheel.
    Speaking of spinning, the trick I learned about NPlying is to go S-L-O-W. For some reason, it works.
    And, yeah, about the face to face. But thanks for the support.
    Have a fun time!

  6. Fi

    Very impressed with your yarn!

    I agree with you on the bloggy thing…if you don’t like what people write on THEIR blog, DON’T read it. Simple really 🙂

  7. Still have no idea what’s up but glad for the heads up – I liked Dave’s blog – and Miss LuLu Kitty is adroable.

  8. Gillian

    Hello Heide, I’ve ben a bit slack lately so I was just catching up with your last few posts. The shoes look great. They are just t he sort I want to wear with my socks. They show off a bit of the sock itself.
    Lovely scarf pattern too.
    Have a good trek round the garage sales.
    Cheers Gillian

  9. I’m afraid I didn’t really realize what happened to Dave and his blog – or more so, why it happened – but from reading your words about it I can well imagine what happened after all. I’ve gotten in touch with some amazingly nasty and cold hearted people lately – not via blogging fortunately, but personally – and I’m still shocked and stunned how full of real hate people can be. If you’re meeting such suckers face to face, you can at least show and tell them what you think of them (which I did, oy 😉 – but via blogging I can well imagine that Dave felt there’s nothing left to do but closing his blog. How sad, and what a big, big shame.
    On another note, your scarf is going to look fantastic, I so love these colors! And your new shoes – wow!!!

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