Thwarted Plans and Honest Vandals

Friday’s garage sales offered slim pickings but driving around visiting with my sister was enjoyable.  We chuckled (privately) about old people trying to sell Cool Whip container lids and other such treasures. We ate chocolate and homemade apple pie.  We ranted about politics and religion.  The day passed quickly.

Saturday I drove the girls down to Toys R Us so A2 could spend some of her birthday money. After perusing the aisles multiple times she finally settled on a stuffed rabbit, a rubber dragon and some small plastic meerkats.  Hardly surprising considering her love for animals. 

While eating lunch at a nearby shopping center we spied several reindeer. Based on their impeccable grooming, the fact that they were attired with bells and ribbons and their non-chalant attitudes towards the crowd I’ll assume that these reindeer are not only domesticated, but that they were born in captivity.  Even so, I felt kind of sorry for them with all of us strange beings staring in and taking pictures. A migraine usurped the remainder of Saturday.

Returning to Standard Time this morning and rising “early” temporarily restored ambitions for a productive weekend.   I baked in hopes of filling the freezer with snacks and desserts for lunches.  That extra hour allowed lots of early morning progress . Unfortunately, now my butt is dragging and I want sleep.  Why can’t the powers that be just pick a time and stick with it.  Life would be simpler.

Oh yeah, the baking… here are some finished foods waiting to be frozen.  They include oatmeal raisin cookies, applesauce cake and pumpkin bread.


The pumpkin cheesecakes met with an untimely and unexpected demise while cooling  in an unsupervised kitchen.


Prior to my leaving the kitchen these stood much higher and there were no holes present.  Granted, the edges were a little overdone, but otherwise they looked fine.  On a hunch I asked my youngest if she’d touched the cheesecakes.  Her answer was, “Yes, because they were sticking up.” She was helping me flatten them. 

And her tool?  Why one of her sister’s newly acquired meerkats.


Footprints weren’t supposed to appear so she kind of figured that I’d be mad.  At least she’s honest.  I hope she never decides to become a politician or take up a life of crime (same thing).

The list of Christmas knitting beckons and dinner draws nigh.  Cheers!



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9 responses to “Thwarted Plans and Honest Vandals

  1. Dave Daniels

    Glad to hear that you had fun with you sister, even though the garage sales were sparse. Shared time seems more worthwhile sometimes. 😉
    And that’s a WHOLE lotta baking going on. Unfortunately, I forgot to change my clocks, so I was up as usual at 5:30, which is the new 4:30. And I wasted my day puttering around. Baking would have been a good idea.
    And the meerkat footprints are priceless!

  2. Meerkat pie? Mmmmm! Great with a side of…bugs? Slimey but satisfying!
    I got up at about 8:00, which is when Ben decided to come in and let us know that his diaper had reached its life expectancy. I was a bit productive today–I cleaned my sewing space, ate some Halloween candy, vacuumed a little, ate more candy, and did a load of laundry. Then Michele and Sharon showed up and we went *shopping*! I got some fabric (yeah, like I needed more) for two different projects. One of which I may start tonight, a stack & whack for OUR niece, Aurora. She doesn’t have a handmade original from her Auntie. 🙂 The other is part of a stack & whack project series, like the brown & pink thing that I did a couple weeks ago. I found a nicer fabric to try it with that has sunflowers on a black background. I think the lights and darks will pop out better and it has a 24″ repeat, so it’ll be bigger. I’ll also make the triangles smaller, so it should have a very cool effect. Pictures are forthcoming!
    Love, K

  3. Fi

    My DS2 loves meerkats. We have to spend hours at the zoo watching them. Just as well they are good fun with their little heads popping up to see the world.

  4. Awwww! I almost fell from my chair when I saw these baked goodies – my gosh, I’m drooling all over my keyboard here! The pumpkin ones’ demise had me laugh out loud 😉
    Meerkats? I so love them, they’re just the cutest animals – I could stare at them for hours and have some really good laughs – and as Dave said, the footprints are priceless!

  5. Hah!! Love the little one’s honesty. I’m in awe of all that baking. I don’t do that because it would all end up on my own hips. I turned my attention to felting yesterday, got three scarves made. Feels so good being productive!

  6. Pumpkin bread!!!

    Note to residents at chez trek: after the banana bread is eaten, mommy can make pumpkin bread!

  7. Who woulda thought a meerkat would do that kind of damage to a baked good? I am so glad you had a great Saturday. There is something so rejuvenating about playing with family and friends. I’m sorry about the migraine though. As for DST? I hate it. It takes me a week to adjust. Grover is currently waking up at 3:00 to go outside and I doze for another 2 hours waiting to get up. So much fun!

  8. Designated Hitter

    The cookies are mine! Thouch them and die!!!

  9. OKay…. I couldn’t help but laugh at the meerkats squashing the cheesecakes!

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