This damned cough won’t let me sleep.  It’s been persistent for two weeks now so a trip to the dreaded HMO is in order.  There’s no fever, etc., just a nagging cough that comes on when I lay down or breathe too deep.  My DH is extremely  understanding, but even he’s starting to lose patience.  Last night, in the dark shadows of our room I swear it looked like him with a pillow poised over my head ready to put me out of his misery.  But when I blinked the pillow was gone and he was laying down again.  It must have been a hallucination on my part.  Right dear?

This week my daughters’ school celebrated their Thanksgiving family feast so that usurped one day.  Listing miscellaneous items on ebay, housework and errands have taken up most of the rest of my time.  A small skein of Loretta’s yarn was blocked.  This is approximately 3.5 ounces of sockweight.


These pictures were taken prior to blocking though, hence the little curly tails.  The roving is spinning up nicely, but being Romney, it’s a bit rough for wear next to delicate parts.  In other words, A Willie Warmer is NOT a good idea. Hopefully I’ll get another 8 hours or so of spinning done this weekend.  The colors are so pretty… and I’m so slow!

Some Christmas mittens were started.  This particular pair is enormous and destined to be felted down to size so they are warm and dense. 


November’s Crazy 8 sock club yarn arrived from Mama-E.  This colorway is called “Purple Rain.” It’s very pretty.


We’ve not seen hide nor hair of the creepy guy.  Thank heavens!  But the girls are still not allowed to play outside without an adult.

And in the not-so-good category, my friend, Christy, received the worst possible news regarding her test results.  They came back positive for breast cancer.  She’s scheduled for surgery on Monday and if you could send some good thoughts her way they would be much appreciated.  We spoke yesterday and she’s very positive about everything.  Talk about a strong and determined woman, she kept cracking jokes about boob shopping!  Her family relocated back to Green Bay several years ago so they have little in the way of nearby family support, but her husband and kids are wonderful. 

Take care and hope everyone has a great weekend.



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  1. You’re friend has the best attitude. I think that is the best way to start fighting that disease. Feel better.

  2. I sure hope that cough subsides soon. That kind of thing is annoying and worrisome. As for DH, you might try sleeping with one eye open, heh. I’m glad that creep is not around, but sometimes it’s easier when you can keep an eye on them. And, yes I am paranoid. Why do you ask?
    Love the mitten and your spinning looks great!

  3. P.S. I’m sending extreme positive thoughts to Christy. She’s going to be fine.

  4. tk

    I have some Mexican antibiotics that my mom brought back . . . I’ll give you a call in a bit–are you answering the phone today? ;o)

  5. Oy. I’m so sorry that your caugh isn’t going away – I think you’ll really have to check out the doc’s before certain hallucinations will become reality 😉 Sending over lots of good vibes and hoping you’ll be much, much better soon!
    That mitten is very, very beautiful – of course the colors (I’m totally into blues of all kinds these days!), and such a cute pattern too! And yay for the spinning!!!

  6. Feel better!

    Your yarn is beautiful – as is your mittens!

    Yay for no weird guy!

    I’m keeping your friend in my thoughts today…

  7. That’s a BEAUTIFUL shade of blue.
    I hope you’re feeling better. When I had a chest cold recently, I thought I’d NEVER sleep again. (Luckily, it’s finally passed.)

  8. wow…I hope Christy’s doing well today. Keep us posted as we send good, healing thoughts her way. Sounds like she’s an incredible person.

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