I have NOT been replaced by an Alien

…at least I don’t think so.


Yesterday I officially finished my Christmas shopping. Family pictures have been printed and tucked neatly into cards. I even bought stamps!  Before accusations of having a big head are charged let me assure you that I’m just as perplexed as the rest of you… moreso probably.  Chaos and Procrastination are my long-time friends.  December means stress, sleepless nights and marathon cooking and shopping jags.  This unsettling calm resulted in the devouring of a bottle of antacids. I was finally able to placate myself with the belief that somewhere the harbinger of holiday doom hurtles towards me at lightspeed. 

But before it gets here I have a mission.  My goal is transform miscellaneous yarn bits into mittens, gloves, hats or other utilitarian objects.  Once all upon my list are bestowed of woolen gifts then the rest shall be donated to charity.


This past weekend I cranked out a pair to match the hat (altered to add a neck-flap and ties) made last week.


Today is my girls’ last day of school before Thanksgiving Break.  A3 proudly and carefully carried this centerpiece home on the bus yesterday.  She then sang a song about a turkey named Albuquerque.  Martha Stewart, eat your heart out, we have Albuquerque!




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4 responses to “I have NOT been replaced by an Alien

  1. Designated Hitter

    Blah, Blah, Blah

  2. LOVE that top picture! And damn you for being so organized! (only kidding) I’ve yet to even buy my cards, stamps and the kids pics are in an envelope….somewhere! Can you come over and help me??

    I LOVE the mitten and hat set…so lovely and such a great color.

    I am dying laughing over your turkey named Albuquerque. Hilarious!!

  3. tk

    Hmmmm, I may be late this year . . . (as usual); and I may steal that first pic for my own blog! As for A3, she’s such a cutie!!!!! If she could only remember my name! Keep telling her that I’m “R”‘s mom . . . maybe that’ll work! :o)

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