We awoke to frost this morning. Thankfully we were able to get my husband’s car into the garage so he doesn’t have to scrape his windows before work.   Karen and her brood are going to stop by sometime today.  We’ll let the kidlets mingle while we partake of beverages and catch up on visiting.

This morning I purchased and downloaded a copy of Anne’s lovely Irtfa Faroese (Raven) shawl.  Because I wanted a colored copy I decided to dust off the HP inkjet (I usually just use my husband’s laser, it’s faster).  Anyway, I’d forgotten that Bonny LOVES this printer.  No sooner had it pulled in the first piece of paper from the tray then I heard the mad scramble of little kitty feet on the hardwood floors.  The paper magically appearing from the tray fascinates her.  Maybe she’s hoping a mouse will pop out!




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6 responses to “Brrrr!

  1. That cat looks so cute (and helpful, too). Have a great day with Karen! Oh, and have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  2. OMG, that is REALLY cute. And the photo of her crouched, looking inside, made me laugh out loud. (Thanks, I needed that.) Now, if you can only get her to collate and staple, you’d have the purfect assistant!

  3. How cute! I think she needs to be rewarded somehow. Although a mouse coming out through it might damage the printer, what?

  4. tk

    Happy Thanksgiving!!!!! (I’m still in bed!)

  5. My gosh, little Bonnie is just the cutest! I had such a great laugh with these pics, I could imagine her so well playing around with the paper 😉 My boys are getting more and more curious day by day, I can’t believe where all they’ve sticked their little fur-noses into – so far no major damages, fortunately 😉
    Happy Thanksgiving to all of you!

  6. Aw that’s too cute. I love pets with funny little habits like this. :o)

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