Holiday in Brief

I hope everyone in the US enjoyed a safe and wonderful Thanksgiving.  And for everyone else, I hope you are safe and happy too… just without the obscene gorging amongst friends and family.  Our celebration started early when Karen and her two girls came by Wednesday for a visit.  Living at opposite ends of the state means we rarely see one another in person.   The five girls giggled and played while we drank tea, mourned our lack of chocolate and played with any nearby fiber. Here are four of the monkeys girls at the park. Don’t let the sunshine and children’s light attire fool you.  It was bloody cold.  They shed the mandatory outerwear and piled it on the bench next to us.


Karen and I huddled together for warmth on a nearby bench.  Do not adjust your monitor, this picture is indeed blurry.  Or as I prefer to call it, soft focused.  My 6 year old took this on the fly.  The visit was wonderful and in the afternoon they packed up to head back to Karen’s brother’s house to meet up with the rest of her family.


On Thursday morning we piled into the van for the drive out to my parents’ house for Thanksgiving Dinner. Instead of “Over the river and through the woods” it was “Bumper to bumper up the interstate while tapping the brakes we go”.  We were all relieved when at the midway point we exited the path most travelled for the winding backwoods drive through Pe Ell, Le Bam and 50+ miles of other small towns.  City folk might be askeered of local small town color, but having grown up in and amongst the hill folk I feel right at home.  Being that elk hunting season has started there were quite a few hunters, some armed with bows but most outfitted with rifles, walking along the road. And I swear that I saw ZZ Top in fatigues when we stopped at a cafe to use the bathroom.

The table was already set when we arrived.  Although a second table was needed for  an additional four people. The party consisted of Mom, Dad, Great Auntie Ruth, Grandpa Porgy, Brad and Becky (family friends) and the five of us. My brother, sister and their respective families had other plans this year. Soon after taking this I set the camera down and forgot where it was so no more pictures were taken that day.


Here is the spinning wheel my mom picked up at a thrift store for $20.00.  She has started some Tole Painting/Rosemaling on the wheel and I took a picture of the wheel in progress.  We tried several makeshift bands and eventually we were able to spin with it.  But the cotton cords, wool yarn, etc. we had kept slipping off.  The wheel will work just splendidly with a proper band.


The quest for mittens wasn’t forgotten. During the drive several pairs were completed (with the exception of weaving in the ends).


 After this morning’s laundry I hope to make some more.  This evening we’re attending another gathering with friends.  This is more socializing than I’ve had in ages. Is this what it feels like to be a high society jet setter?  Well shave my head and call me Britney, we’ll be dodging Paparazzi next thing you know. Cheers!



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6 responses to “Holiday in Brief

  1. You gadabout. Sounds like a wonderful weekend. You and Karen must have had fun. I’m so glad for you both. The girls looked happy as could be, too. Your table for the feast looks so welcoming, but the trip doesn’t sound all that wonderful. It’s deer hunting season here. Bow hunting season started around Veteran’s Day. We have virtually no elk. Your mittens looks warm and comfy. I’m wearing gloves today while kinda/sorta raking the leaves. I have to do it because of the neighbors, but I love the mulch and natural cover it brings the plants, so I give it my half-hearted best. Have a great one, kiddo. Give the girls and B a hug for me (ya know they’ll never escape when we finally meet).

  2. tk

    Happy Thanksgiving–sounds like you had a good one! Hope you are feeling better . . .

  3. Fi

    Belated Happy Thanksgiving to you and your’s. Glad to see it all went as well as it could.

  4. Gosh, my head looks pointy! I look like a close relative of the coneheads! It was such fun to come see you, although it was a whirlwind visit. The mittens turned out so nice–the lucky recipient will love them! I hope the romney spinning is going well and that you finish it soon. I actually have something to photograph that I am working on…you’ll be so proud! When I find all my stuff, I’ll post it on the blog.
    Love, Karen sans chocolat

  5. That photo isn’t out of focus, I call that a soft focus. 🙂
    Glad to hear you had such a fun time, the table looks beautiful.

  6. When I read the stories about all you bloggers celebrating Thanksgiving – and yours in particular – I sure get a bit jealous that we don’t have a holiday like that over here. Of course there’s all the stress and hectic before, but the actual celebration sounds so lovely, the getting together with families must be so much fun, not to mention the yummy turkeys – here such get togethers are only done at XMas and I wouldn’t mind having it twice a year 😉 But as it is, I’m living Thanksgiving vicariously through you – and I’m very glad that everything went so well and nicely!
    I love the “out of focus” pic, btw 😉

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