Stash Busting

Hey there!  In an effort to reduce my stash and make enough money to justify staying home awhile longer I’ve decided to dye up some yarn and roving in an attempt to sell it on Etsy.  A surprising amount of raw project wool, etc. has amassed over the years.  Does yarn procreate? Early morning insomnia provided time to even make up a silly little label.  I don’t know if anybody will even look at it.  After all, there are pages and pages of hand dyed yarns out on Etsy, not to mention the professional on-line enablers where I spend my childrens’ college funds  who we all love. See sidebar under “Shopping” for a full list. My little stash reduction here won’t impact them.  So far only one item is listed, but once the girls head down the road on that magic yellow bus the I’ll put out some sock yarn too. If it’s still out there in a few weeks then I’ll pull it from Etsy and list it on eBay. 


My neat and organized military-type husband is relieved at the thought of less “clutter”.  Although last night when A3 spilled her milk the first thing he rescued from the spreading pool was my ball of yarn.  So either he’s learned to place some intrinsic value to fiber or else he didn’t want to hear me swear.

Not much else to report.  The dreaded cold has spread and worsened so public exposure will be minimized this week. It’s that wonderful time of year when all of the little germ frigates carry home unsavory diseases. Cheers!



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8 responses to “Stash Busting

  1. Oh, I hope you’re all feeling better soon.
    And your silk yarn looks pretty yummy, like fresh berries. 🙂

  2. Very pretty…did you show me this yarn when I was there? I don’t remember it. 3/4 finished on sock number ONE! I misunderstood the directions from Ann Norling. The line at the top that says, “Cast on __ sts. Divide onto 3 needles. Knitting in the round, join & work K3, P1 ribbing for 10 inches.” All the blanks on the sheet are confusing, though. I’ll try it next time in blue. 🙂
    Love, K

  3. Yes, yarn does multiply!

    Good luck.

  4. I love your yarn. I’ll check out the shop. As for the illness. Enough already! It’s awful being sick anytime of year, but now, it’s darned near really bad:) I’m trying to clean up my mouth. And, yes, yarn does procreate. I have visible proof in my basement.

  5. tk

    I love the yarn! And thanks for the help yesterday!!!

  6. Awww, this is ever so beautiful – actually it’s exactly the colorway I’ve been silently wishing for lately – calm and warm with just a splash of brightness between – perfect indeed! I will *so* have to check out your Etsy Shop!

  7. Oops, I forgot: Sending over lots and lots of well wishes and positive energies – hope you’re all feeling much, much better soon!

  8. wow – I’m waaaay behind and look what you went and did?! You are so brilliant! Good luck with your venture (as I head over to Etsy to peek).

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