Face Plant!

We are not amused!  After not receiving a call back yesterday I called the doctor’s office again this morning.  Once again the receptionist assured me that I’d hear right back.  That was at 9:05 am.  Here I sit at 2:14 with a toothpick, picking the remnant’s of someone’s ass out of my teeth.  I requested to be upchanneled several times during the phone call.  That way a higher up took the brunt of my anger and not some underpaid, overworked soul.  The result of this?  I’m waiting again for a call back.  Aaack!  So much for being nasty, it got me about as far as being nice.  At least I vented.

I dyed some more yarn and roving this morning for Etsy.  The stash is growing smaller each day!  Whoo hoo, only another 2 or 3 pounds of various fiber left. Anyway, some of the roving rested in a pile on the dining room table, waiting to be carded.  Out of the blue Miss Bonny jumped up and did a face plant right in the middle of it.


Silly kitty!  I didn’t feel comfortable listing this on Etsy knowing that it was coated in feline nostril sauce so I’ll spin it up  for a hat or another pair of mittens.  Here’s a picture of the unmolested fiber for sale:


Two more skeins of yarn are currently drying on the rack.  They are quite bright and happy colors.  One more skein is still in the garage and is destined to be overdyed in an attempt to salvage a very ugly colorway. 

PS, the doctor’s office finally called back.  They can’t squeeze me in but they’ve written three prescriptions for me to pick up at the pharmacy.   So off to get my drugs.  I hope their diagnosis a’la telephone is correct.



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3 responses to “Face Plant!

  1. Congrats on the Etsy sales! Sounds like a booming business! I’m glad the HMO finally called back. Sometimes it’s best to get prescriptions over the phone rather than go through the hassle and expense of seeing a doctor when you know exactly what’s wrong with you. I just dinked around today. I thought I’d done something useful, but I can’t think of what it was…
    Love, Karen

  2. tk

    I’m glad the snow didn’t stick! Yes, I’m a true Scrooge when it comes to snow . . . Seriously. I can’t drive when the roads are dry!

  3. It’s such a nightmare if you have to wait so long for someone to call back – especially when it’s a doctor! Glad that they could squeeze you in though – all the very best to you!
    I absolutely adore the roving and the yarn, the colors are ever so beautiful and cheerful! Congrats on the sales!

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