Almost Free, but not perfect Yarn!

Today the yarn dyed on Sunday was finally dry and ready for re-skeining.  The goal for this particular batch was to create something with a strong contrast.  Brilliant Orange and yellow were to be paired with a deep navy blue as an anchor color.  The colors were perfect in the jars.  But during the cooking the dyes blended in places between the yellow and navy, leaving some strands a green shade.  The colors were supposed to be crisp and defined.  I still like the idea of this color combination and I’ll try it again later. But in the meantime this lonely skein is available for anybody who is willing to pay shipping on it.   The base is BFL and it’s about 400 yards of sockweight yarn. 


Over the past week or so I’ve cut my stash almost by 1/3! The odds and ends project knitting aimed at using up leftovers(mostly by way of hats and mittens) is temporarily on hold due to the shawl, but it will resume again soon.  My goal is to keep almost no “stash” yarn here and to have projects in mind PRIOR to buying more fiber of any kind.  Don’t laugh, it could happen!

Today I played around with several stole options for Saturday’s dinner.  This particular combination is a simple insert surrounded by  the Hilton Lace edging  pattern found on this website


I still don’t know if this is “it” though.  Heck, I’m not even sure about the yarn color or weight and time is running out.  Lace weight to be airy and delicate or fingering/sport to provide a more warmth and sturdiness? Tick tock, tick tock! Beads in the center panel or along the edge to add some holiday “sparkle” or simple and plain? Tick tock, tick tock!. Black for a monochrome look with the dress or a touch of color for contrast? Tick tock, tick tock!  Aack! I’m so confused.



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7 responses to “Almost Free, but not perfect Yarn!

  1. I like those colours! I almost always like variegated yarn in the skein, but can never figure out what to make with the stuff (except for dishcloths!).

    For your cover-up, how about a grey or silver yarn (or lighter blue)? With black you might not be able to show off the pattern where it drapes over the dress.

  2. The yarn is beautiful! I’d happily give it a home…

  3. Cindy

    I love the yarn. If Melanie hasn’t claimed it. I want it. Oh, and the stole? It’s stunning. Just go with it and put the beads wherever you want them. Try not to sweat the small stuff, K? Don’t laugh. I know I do it, too. Did you get sewing help? I’m so not good at altering. I would just seam the shoulders to shorten them and then, wear a belt, but that’s me.

  4. Very nice contrast in the yarn, great colors. I’m busting my stash with 16 pairs of socks done up on the sock machine. So, I get to use up the stash AND make gifts. Beautiful stole, too. I like the contrast of the center with the detailed border. NICE

  5. I’ve been working stuff from the stash lately, too. It has resulted in some frogging and reworking but overall, I think that I am fairly satisfied. Number Guy likes his new hat and scarf and that is what matters, right?

  6. Awww, this is some gorgeous lace, what a very beautiful border! And yay on cutting down your stash, now, that’s quite an achievement! I totally love the new yarn that you dyed, the colors look fantastic together!

  7. Too late for me, I guess, but I love the yarn! And the dress!

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