Serious Post


These images were taken north of us in the Centralia, Chehalis area.  These are fair-sized small towns along Interstate-5, the main north-south thoroughfare along the west coast.  There are many tiny towns throughout Washington and Oregon which are still completely cut off and isolated by flood waters.  Out on the Washington coast near my parents’ house the winds were clocked at 80 mph… at that point the wind gauge broke and blew away, but it sounds safe to say that they were much higher. Power has been restored to many places, but there are pockets of remote areas still without.  Thank heavens Mom and Dad have a woodstove for heat and cooking. And many people in these places are really great about checking on and helping each other.  We asked my parents to come and stay with us, but the roads are cut off so they couldn’t if they wanted to.  Besides, they want to be there so they can check on my Grandpa, Great Aunt Ruth and other friends. 

It’s surreal that life for us proceeds as normal with Christmas concerts at school


and more Christmas knitting.


There is a call out in some communities for people with any kind of truck and/or trailer to help homeowners haul away debris from within and outside of their homes.  Hopefully insurance companies won’t drag their feet… although not nearly enough people carry flood insurance, those who have paid for it in good faith should not be made to wait.  I’ve no idea what the situation is with FEMA, the Red Cross, etc.  News coverage has been sporadic, especially following the horrific events in Nebraska. Scam artists wasted no time in targeting those in the flooded communities with bogus claims of well-water testing, etc.  If caught they should be rounded up and made to do hard labor.  

I guess all of this goes to show that community and neighbors are often the most important resource we have. Take care and have a good weekend.

edited to add: the Great Stash Bust of ’07 continues with full force.  This pile will be listed on ebay today.




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4 responses to “Serious Post

  1. Cindy

    After the ’93 flood, the massive power outages of ’06 and early ’07, I have come to understand that family, friends and community are the ONLY resources we can count on. The idea that our government will help us is a fallacy and, even worse, a false hope. I’m not jaded, I’m wiser. I’ll keep Mom, Dad, Grandpa Porgy, Aunt Ruth and all in my thoughts and prayers.

  2. Wow! This isn’t getting nearly enough coverage. I had no idea it was so awful up there! Glad to hear you’re not in danger where you are and will send good thoughts to your parents. We’re getting drizzle here and they’re talking about mudslides…

  3. I saw a news report last night that said that a BBQ restaurant in the area lost their building in a mud slide (no one was injured, thankfully! The one guy working there at the time ran for the hills and escaped the damage). The insurance company doesn’t cover mudslides. They’re out of business. Several farmers lost most of their cows (at $2500 a head). I really wish I could do something for the people whose livlihoods are gone, not just their stuff.
    Love, K

  4. Sobering photos, indeed! I’d heard news reports about the severity but pictures really bring that home. I hope the waters recede and people can soon regain some semblance of normalcy.

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