O’ Christmas Tree

Because I left my job in October we knew finances would be stretched this year, especially concerning the Holidays.  So we decided to pull out the artificial tree and dust off the branches rather than making the annual trek to a tree farm. No sooner had we resigned ourselves to a plastic tree when my DH discovered that free real trees were available for military members! Saturday morning we drove down to Camp Withycombe to pick one up.  The gratis greenery had all been delivered on Thursday but there were not a lot available when we arrived.  Hopefully most people wanting trees had been there on the previous two days. I’d hate to think that there weren’t enough and that some people went without.  They were all bound up so checking for resident critters, bald spots, etc. wasn’t possible.  Here is the DH dutifully hauling the tree to the van. Why yes, that is a hand knit hat he’s sporting.


Once home the binding was cut, revealing a shapely and wonderful Christmas Tree with only a few resident spiders! 

It was placed in the stand and the kidlets ate dinner while we prepared for the the DH’s office Christmas party.  Dan and Zoe drove all the way up from Beaverton to watch the girls for us.  They are so amazing!  Zoe even helped with some last minute dress alterations before taking this picture of us in front of the naked tree.  This is NOT a flattering picture of either of us and don’t ask what we were doing… I’ve no idea. 


 We skipped dinner at home so as not to waste the overpriced, extravagant  prepaid meal awaiting us.  After the 45 minute drive we were famished. I devoured a  candy cane one of the girls left in the car en-route (my DH brushed candy cane bits off of my dress throughout the evening). I now know how rich people stay so slim.  The “meal” consisted mostly of fancy artistic garnish on a plate with a small piece of chicken in the middle.  I ate the chicken… and the garnish. The company was delightful and nobody drank too much, acted pretentious or was otherwise obnoxious. Before leaving I loaded my purse with hard candy from the coat room.  My mother is right, I am a peasant. But at least at a potluck you don’t usually leave hungry.

Sunday morning while the DH sorted lights


I hung the stockings.


Then we strung lights on the tree


with the aid of professional assistants and a good sugar high of course!


After that we sat back while the girls decorated the tree. A3  did need some assistance with the star.


I don’t know if it’s the pine fumes, the fact that my waistband is comfortably snug  or the sight of snow falling outside, but for one reason or another it’s finally starting to feel like Christmas! 

Even the knitting humbugs have passed. The Christmas hat began several days back sits atop a snow globe and I’m just itchin’ to get back in and finish it.


Hope you’ve all had a wonderful weekend!



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9 responses to “O’ Christmas Tree

  1. I love the sorting lights photo! And the whole post. It’s the first holiday thing that has made me laugh and maybe feel something not grinch-ish. Glad you had fun!

  2. Thanks for sharing your tree decorating. We’re probably not having a tree this year, so it was fun to share this one. 🙂

  3. Oh, the tree looks awesome! So festive and cheerful. And I love the pic of you and the hubby in front of the tree….you are such a hottie in that dress! Loved seeing all the pics ; )

  4. CindyCindy

    Your tree is beautiful and you and hubster look fantastic! Seriously, dudette! WOW! The tree is lovely. My personal fave is the picture of DH and A3 placing the star. So dear. I remember huge fights when we did the tree when I was a kid. And, your Christmas knitting is going great! Hugs back atcha!

  5. Christmas lights as a fashion statement!

  6. jesalu

    You guys look so cute!! Beautiful tree!

  7. n8v

    u guys r being urselves… good to c each of u smile 🙂
    take care…

  8. Such cute pictures. I think the one of you in the dress and hubby is adorable. Looks like a picture we’d end up with 🙂

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