No time for a long post.  In a state of Christmas panic… knitting not completed. No presents wrapped.  Family ate Christmas baking stash.  House in shambles. Aaaack!  I hereby propose that Christmas be celebrated only on leap years.



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  1. Only on leap years works for me!!! Unfortunately, I think next year IS a leap year. Damn, we don’t even get next year off.

  2. wishiwerebuffy

    Ha! Everyone at work calls me a scrooge because I don’t decorate. But it takes a lot of stress out of my life!

    Have a great Christmas, even if it is hectic!

  3. Oh, man, if my family ate the baking I would be SO (expletive deleted)!

    I leave out half a dozen of whatever it is and pop the rest in the freezer IMMEDIATELY or else the ravening wolves will descend.

    OTOH, Arwen is finished!!!! I think I might stick to small projects next year. Big sweaters two years in a row is a bit…much, perhaps. I enjoyed this one much more than last year’s, though. Depends who asks and who needs, although the children are safe for another winter, I think.

    Hope it all is coming together for you now!

  4. Leap year would not work – since next year is a leap year so we wouldn’t get a break! ;o)

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