Good morning!  All UFOs have been packed into the knitting wardrobe while we wrap presents and clean for tomorrow’s guests.  These last few items squeaked in under last night’s deadline. It’s all good. 


Due to  the forgetfulness of an understandably insane teacher trying to keep 28 eleven year olds hyped up on sugar in line on the last day of school   an oversight in the classroom, the Pulla A1 made for her Christmas party was never cut.


Yee Haw!  Three loaves of this are in the freezer and I found a pumpkin pie that my family somehow overlooked (it was buried under a bag of frozen peas).  I’ll pick up some sugar cookies at the store today and the baking dilemma is solved. Hopefully nobody will notice that I forgot to add eggs to the Pulla. Shhh!  Oh, and I salvaged the fudge from the other day with the aid of marshmallow cream and some Kahlua.  It’s now very smooth and there’s a light coffee flavor to it.

My Dh and I decided to expand our annual New Year’s Eve Party this year and invite lots more people.  As a result it will now be a potluck.  Each year we invite friends over for eating, game playing and visiting.  It’s informal, alcohol isn’t a main factor of the evening (usually only a champagne toast with the exception of a few people who drink beer or wine). I don’t have a problem with people drinking as long as they don’t drive.  The party is kid-friendly too.  The little ones really enjoy playing Pictionary, etc. with the grown ups, mostly because they kick our butts.

BTW, while looking for a link for the afore-mentioned bread a rather “adult” site opened up.  And as luck would have it my DH just happened to walk in before I could hit the “back” button.  He laughed and accused me of being a pre-vert. Dang… it’s amazing to me what the most benign searches can uncover.  I was looking for a bread recipe.  Bread, people!

Time to go check on the ham and clean the bathroom… not at the same time of course.



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  1. CindyCindy

    Have a wonderful day today. Are you celebrating on Christmas eve and day, as well? How exhausting. A1 looks so grown up. How did that happen again? Sounds like you’re using your brain (except for the web search which happens to everybody anymore). Parties shouldn’t be stressful or at least anymore stressful than they already are. Take care kiddo and have a wonderful wonderful day. Merry Christmas to you, DH, A1, A2, and A3, the kitties and bird and God knows what else you have going there. Give my best to your Grandpa and Mom and Dad, too.

  2. tk

    Christmas is already over at my house! I’m already in the clean-up stages . . . lol

    Merry Christmas!!!!!! Say hello to Mom and Dad . . . :o)

  3. tk

    Hey, you need to accept my “friend request” on Facebook so we can play Scrabble!!! (I know, I don’t have a life . . . lol)

  4. I’m catching up after a week (well, two, actually) of being sick… Fannie Mae fudge is the best! I used make the old fashioned fudge thinking it was somehow better. I’d have sore arms and it was still so very hard to get smooth. I think the recipe is on the marshmallow creme label. yummy – I’ll have to add some kahlua or irish creme to my next batch. Thanks for the tip!

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