Christmas Day is winding down.  All in all, this holiday has been pleasant and uneventful.  The girls tag teamed my DH and I throughout the night as they checked every 2 hours to see if Santa had arrived and if it was time to open presents.  Only the youngest still believes, and I question whether or not she really does or if she’s just playing along out of pity for Mom and Dad’s sake.  Anyway, at 6:30 am we caved and stumbled in to begin the carnage.

The room started out looking mostly presentable.


Here are the girls in their new Christmas pajamas.


And here is an example of the chaos which ensued.


With each new round of packages, the noise and activity levels would wax and crest as excitment mounted, only to be followed by periods of quiet concentration as new toys, clothes, etc. were thoroughly examined and tested out.  The peak (or valley, depending on your point of view) of this spirited holiday coaster ride came as my  family sang new words to “The Twelve Days of Christmas.”


Following this performance everyone settled down to enjoy a day of new toys while grazing on a refrigerator full of leftovers. 

Sometime about mid-morning it started to snow.  I stayed in pajamas all day. Now that the girls have been sent to bed Bonny has ventured out to claim a warm, quiet place on top of a heater vent. The earlier Christmas excitement and singing gave the poor kitty quite a fright.  Notice the look of disgust?  She’s annoyed and blaming me for all of the day’s transgressions.


Tomorrow morning I have to head down to Portland to take a qualification test for one of the many jobs for which I’ve applied. Hopefully all traces of the snow we had earlier today will be gone. I can’t drive for shit in normal conditions, but add a few flakes or ice and I’m a ten car pile-up waiting to happen. 

I’m looking forward to leaving Christmas knitting behind and resuming work on the Cardigan for Arwen. Hope you all had a wonderful holiday.



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5 responses to “Christmas

  1. Looks like a lot of fun at your house! Glad you had a great day. And good luck with that qualifying test.

  2. CindyCindy

    DH looks suitably dignfied (as the occasion required). Looks like you had a wonderful day. I’m so glad and I’m sending good thoughts to you for your trip and test. OK. You’ll ace the test, so I’m sending good thoughts for the drive. I have the same issues with driving. I still have Christmas knitting, but that’s ok. Take care kiddo.

  3. It doesn’t look too chaotic at all. You have the cleanest house I’ve ever seen in Blogland. AND you had snow, too?
    Good luck with the qualification tests. I’m doing the resume thing myself right now. Fingers crossed for you.

  4. It all sounds fairly normal really. :o) Love the pic of your hubby! LOL

  5. Looks like a wonderful Christmas day! Love the goofy look on your hubby’s face (if that’s how he normally looks, sorry) 😉

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