This is a public apology to my dear, sweet mother, who last year so generously bestowed my children with hats, one of which was grievously maligned in my last post.  Doh! But I must make the disclaimer that they were not her handiwork. They hailed from a local craft fair. 

The end of the year purge continues and has moved on from the yarn cabinet to the attic.  We have/had way too much crap  stuff which we saved for reasons unbeknown, even to us. I mean, come on, were my old uniforms ever going to be worn again? In the midst of some mid-life crisis was playing the clarinet ever going to be a resumed hobby? Let’s hope not. Anyway, it’s all out on eBay and hopefully destined for new homes.

Speaking of purging, several hideous FO’s have been frogged back to yarn. 


When the bag containing these deformed freaks of the knitting world was pulled out it revealed a shocking secret. An alarming amount of novelty yarn has accumulated in my stash.  I honestly don’t remember buying it. Anyway, the offending fiber has been bagged up and set aside for my daughters. They can craft with it… or better yet, give it to friends.

Speaking of daughters, last night while working in the office I saw something move past the door which caused me to do a double take.  A3 had decided that she needed a crash helmet for safety reasons.


Of course the irony of this being that her lack of vision caused by the protective headgear was responsible for her crashing into things.  Doh! I especially like the Magnetix stuck to the top of the tin, they add nicely to the aesthetics. Hope you’re all enjoying your last weekend of 2007.



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3 responses to “Doh!

  1. I’ve got a lot of that kind of novelty yarn, too. Much of it was re-gifted to Emma, who is using her knitty thing (the circle knitter…like a lucet on steroids). I think she’s going to try for the longest scarf in the world (of course the record is some 30 miles long, so she’s got a long way to go. I don’t think we could store that much yarn in the house). I have some lovely red and yellow cotton yarns I was going to make into a Hogwarts’ Griffindor scarf for her.

  2. Oh my goodness do they still make Lincoln Logs???? My brother and I had a set when we were small children and I’ve never seen them since. A3’s helmet brought back a lot of memories for me, so I did more than smile at her antics! She reminds me of my youngest at the same age. (g)

  3. Hey girl. A3 is not doing something unintelligent….she’s thinking outside the Lincoln Log box. As for the UFO’s, I need to settle down and get some of mine done or frogged. The novelty yarn? Yeah, me too. I even got some as a gag gift this year. I plan on sending it on its way as soon as I can. It’s icky feeling. Have a great Sunday!

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