Yesterday while trying to get to my freezer I tripped over this, which in turn caused me to fall down and cuss like a sailor  a burst of enthusiasm  inspired me to pull this chair out of the garage and commence the refinishing work.  I needed to stay home near the phone anyway so this seemed like a good time to play catch up on the project from last summer.


It’s mostly sanded and the holes from the upholstery nails have been filled. The old, yucky burlap on the back is gone. Now I need to locate some no-sag wire for the back. So far most places I’ve found sell it in bulk. I only need about 12 feet, not 120.  Other substitutions and possibilities are adrift in the mists of my mind (I can never seem to find and idea when I need it)

And look,  Loretta’s yarn is finally finished!  It only took… ahem, cough, sputter, two months.  Sorry Loretta.


 Yet more evidence that in a former life I was probably a bar wench/harlot.  My crass behavior and vulgar language rule out any illusions of past nobility.  Limited occupational choices for females included being a spinster.  But if this production speed is any true gauge of ability then I’d have starved.  

Last night we enjoyed Chinese food… mostly because the girls were nagging me to death about using their new chopsticks that Cindy gave us. 


Thank you, Cindy!  These are a hit. Now off to take the girls to the bus stop and start working on today’s “to-do” list.  It’s a doozey. Cheers.



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  1. CindyCindy

    Loretta’syarn turned out beautifully. If it had been up to me, it would be two years, not months. I’m so glad you’re enjoying the chopstick. They are fun. As for the chair, I am so impressed. I have a needlepoint chair that needs refinishing. When do you want it?

  2. Pretty yarn, and wow–nice work on the chair! That’s quite a big project.

  3. I like refinishing, too. Did more before the Neatnik arrived on the scene, though.

  4. Wow, that chair is going to be gorgeous when it’s done. You will show us, right?

  5. You may not have made a great living spinning, but you’d have done well as a dyer! If only they had microwaves in the Middle Ages. 🙂

  6. That chair is beautiful! It looks like it will be very comfortable when you’re done!

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