Tuesday To-Dos

Phew, what a tiring day.  Very little time was spent at home because I played courier between two cities, shuttling application paperwork back and forth between a school district’s regional office and a local school office.  I really, really, really want a job there.  Really.

During one of the deliveries I noticed a scraggly coyote in an open field.  Even with the zoom feature, capturing a picture of him was difficult.  The fellow loped along at a remarkable gait in the cold, gray drizzle, creating a forlorn and lonely scene.


Here is the upholstery fabric chosen for the rocking chair.  Tomorrow I’ll finish the sanding and hopefully seal the wood.


The brownish velvet will cover the seat and padded back.  The paisley print is for a bolster or pillow. Many chairs are too deep for me to sit in comfortably due to my “compact” legs.  I purchased more burlap for the back support rather than try to locate and wrangle the no-sag wire.

I hope to (but realistically don’t believe I’ll get to) knit tonight after the kidlets go to bed.  They’ve mastered dragging out their bedtime routine into an art-form.  I’ve a doctor’s appointment tomorrow and they always run late.  This should provide ample time to finish the sock.


But I’d best finish soon. Too many more pictures of the same old socks and y’all are going to start posting hate comments, or worse, stop coming altogether.

Finally, here is  a political quiz  to help determine which of the candidates running for U.S. President will best represent your beliefs.  I found the results interesting and amusing.



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3 responses to “Tuesday To-Dos

  1. Lovely upholstery choices! And your socks. I took that quiz a few days ago – yep, interesting and amusing results. I think what it emphasized for me is that personality is quite the dominant characteristic when I vote. Yes, I have to agree on some major issues, but personality has got to be in synch.

  2. That chair is going to be gorgeous – I love the colors you chose.

    Thanks for that link! I can’t wait to find out who would be in sync with me…

  3. I’m crossing everything for your job hunt. I’ll even spin around 9 times and chant if it will help.

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