Challenges and a Contest for Christy!

“Challenges” in today’s title refers to several issues, the first is my own, trivial little  project. The second one is extremely important and it involves all of you.

First:  My chair refinishing trudges forward.  The wood has been (mostly) successfully refinished.  Pay no attention to that mess behind the chair… the large box is waiting to be shipped and is not normally there. The rest of the mess is the result of neglected housework due to working on the chair.


The wood work was finished in the morning and allowed to dry while I stepped out for an errand. Upholstery was applied that afternoon. Then removed, applied again and will be removed yet again after I pick up more of those little nails. The cushion’s cover wraps around that front bar and hides the unfinished part.  Anyway, getting the decorative tacks on in a straight row proved most challenging for my clumsy self.  I’ve now got blood blisters on several fingers and some of the tacks bent while I hammered them in. We are not amused.  Today I’ll pick up more of the decorative tacks while getting more of the little, sharp nails. 

Second: Do you recognize this?

dscn4161.jpg  dscn4163.jpg

If you are a woman over 40 then I hope so.  This is a mammography machine… specifically, the mammography machine from my appointment yesterday.  Never having undergone this test before I was quite apprehensive about the procedure.  As some of you may know, my friend, Christy, was diagnosed with breast cancer this fall and recently underwent breast removal surgery.  She is now starting  radiation and chemotherapy treatments. Eventually she’ll begin physical therapy too.   Throughout her ordeal she’s maintained patience and sense of humor which, in my opinion, qualifies her for sainthood.   Immediately following her diagnosis I put fear aside and made the appointment.  And now that it’s over I feel both relieved and anxious.  Relieved because it really didn’t hurt… not one little bit.  The technician’s hands were frigid, but otherwise my only complaint was that when smooshed my breasts didn’t cover more of the plate (those little red outlines reminded me of the sledgehammer towers with the bells found at the fair and I wanted to make a better showing).  So now I anxiously await the results.  I’m not worried though because even if anything should appear I know that this diagnostic test will catch it before it becomes untreatable.

Besides imploring everyone at risk to get this done, I’d like to help show support for Christy.  I know that the blogosphere is rife with generous people.  So here is my request/challenge.  I would like for everyone who is able, to knit, crochet or sew a prosthesis breast and send it to me before February 14th.  All breasts collected will in turn be sent to Christy.  She can pick and choose those she wishes to wear and the rest can go to the clinic where she undergoes treatment. 

Here are some free on-line pattern links:

It’s a great way to use up yarn bits and the color/style possibilities are endless.  Think of it as “Bits for Tits!”

But wait, there’s more!  IF you don’t feel comfortable knitting a breast then how about a chemo cap?  For each item received you will gain one entry into random drawings for prizes.  So far I’ve only gathered together three prizes, but these will be added to over the next month and more packages will be put together, including NON-fiber prizes because believe it or not, not everyone knits or spins! 


My goal is to bury her in breasts and to let her know how much she’s loved and to maybe give her a good laugh to boot.   If you wish to participate then leave me a comment and I’ll email you my mailing address.  And please include your name or a quick note with each breast so she knows who made what. Thank you!


*Several people have asked about cup size.  I believe that the patterns group sizes together.  I do not know Christy’s cup size but I know she’s bigger than me so maybe one of the larger sizes.  If I’m wrong then please correct me Christy!



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10 responses to “Challenges and a Contest for Christy!

  1. oh i have always wanted an opportunity to make this pattern. rushing off to the stash to find just the right thing.

  2. I forgot to ask a question. What cup size was/is your friend Christi? that way we have something comparable for her.

  3. Hi Heidi!

    I don’t really know how to knit but I can crochet. Do you think that there would be a pattern for a crocheted boobie?

    Hey, send me your email address so I can invite you to my blog – if you’re interested.

    Tara (Karen’s sis)

  4. The breasty-thing I don’t know about, but upholstery nails, I’m your guy. (My grandparents owned an upholstery shop.) Did you know you can also get those decorative nails in a strip, and only have to hammer in one every few heads? It’s pretty easy. The other method (my own) is to draw a straight line on a piece if painter’s tape. Then, make a dot spaced evenly for where each tack would go, depending on how wide the head is. Then, place the tape over the fabric, and LIGHTLY tap a nail in to make a little pilot hole. Go all the way across, making one little hole after another. Then, remove the tape, and hammer in your decorative nails. (And, to keep the hammer from leaving a mark on the heads, place two pieces of tape on the hammer.)
    OMG, did I really write all that out…?

  5. CindyCindy

    Jeez, Dave has really good ideas, doesn’t he? And, my friend, once again your generosity of spirit shows. We’re really lucky to have you.

  6. Boob squisher machine, I recognized it right away. And tell Mr. Daniels that he should still send a boob to Christy. I don’t have a penis but I bet I could figure out how to sew or knit a likeness… (his boob art would most certainly be the most beautiful) (and no, I am not suggesting an additional challenge) (and I wish we could get Mr. Daniels to join us at Packwood!)

  7. outdoorluvnrookiequiltr

    Well – as I really prefer not to announce to the world my cup size…any size will do as the novelty of it all will be hilarious 🙂 Yes, it is the larger size of the 4 main ones of the alphabet. Beyond that I call it gianormous and I’m not there yet. HP, you crack me up! Thank you for the good thoughts and I hope your squish test comes back clean!

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  9. Quilterdog

    Oh, that’s a hoot. I don’t knit or crochet, but hey, maybe a quited booby? I’ll get your snail mail from Karen…..

    My co-worker just finished chemo and is on to radiation….so I have been exposed to some of this. Tell Christy to hang in there….hugs from up north!

  10. What a fantastic way to help a friend. I’m so in awe of your idea! Thanks so much for leaving a comment in my blog and for participating in my contest.

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