Bunny Thumpers

There is now a separate webpage for the Bits for Tits contest!  Please check the right hand column and add it to your blogroll.  There is even a button out there! 

Because Kitkatknit is holding a contest to see pictures of Bunny Thumpers (also known as kitty hind feet used to pummel toys, mice or even out-of-line owners).

Here are entries from Tasha:


And Bonny:


Both of whom possess average sized thumpers of approximately 5 inches in length.  Bonny was less-than-obliging about participating, but I don’t think Tasha even woke up.

In other news, tomorrow night PBS begins their Jane Austen series.  Every Sunday they will feature BBC productions of her novels.  Most people I know have viewed Pride and Prejudice more times than they can count, but the rest of their movies will be new to me and maybe some of you too.

Warning, much pettiness follows:I’m really looking forward to my DH watching their production of Emma, featuring Kate Beckinsale.  She is a very pretty actress, but quite frankly, I’m tired of hearing him rant about how hot she is.  Maybe if he sees her a little less made up and not wrapped in leather he’ll tone it down a little.  He just doesn’t seem to grasp the concept that she isn’t 40+, has not given birth to three children (that I know of) and that she has a full team of makeup and hair artists who work their magic prior to screen shots.  Heck,  with enough help even I could be somewhat presentable.  



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4 responses to “Bunny Thumpers

  1. If I were rich, famous, had a full team of makeup and hair artists, plus magically lost 900 pounds and 15 – 20 years over night I too could look just like Kate Beckindale or maybe Sandra Bullock. Well I do have the right hair at least…

  2. don’t worry, i bet Kate beckiwhatever doesn’t have your laugh, or the fun quirks you have (though I don’t know you, i assume you have quirks). Believe me, you are more gorgeous as a person than anyone who pays to be “made” everyday could ever be

  3. CindyCindy

    Ya know, I’ve seen Kate Beckinsale when she didn’t look good at all. In fact, all those actresses have all kinds of help you and I don’t get. Besides, we’re smart. As my Dad always told me (Bless his soul), if a man is looking for looks only, you don’t want or need him. His love will only fade. Ya know. He was right. Brian is just “a guy”. I bet he isn’t all that thrilled when you talk about, oh, I’m thinking Daniel Craig here, has a nice tight butt or great abs;) I should get a shot of Esau Marie’s bunny thumpers. Have a wonderful Sunday.

  4. me too! me too! lol I set up Masterpiece for record for the Jane Austen series. AL immediately caught it and made a face. He loves KB in the patent leather of Underworld and the corset of Van Helsing. I made my point when he was oogling the actress who plays Kaylee in Serenity/Firefly. I pointed out she was only two years older than his daughter in that production…I, on the other hand, choose to oogle more appropriate eye candy being Adam Baldwin who is actually almost a year older than I am. We were with friends and the men immediately all said in unison “it’s a guy thing.” lol

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