What Did You Say?

YOU’RE GOING TO HAVE TO SPEAK UP!  Pardon me, I’m still a little deef following an afternoon in the elementary music room.  It’s been 24 years since playing a clarinet in band and I’ve NEVER been able to sing.  All in all though it was fun and the students were very well-behaved. At one point several 5th grade boys decided that rather than play along that they would rather sit and scoff at the others.  My remedy to this small problem was to call them up front to conduct the class and “help” their classmates through the songs.   It worked like a charm.  Cockiness faded quickly and they gladly resumed their seats to rejoin the general cacophony.   I may not be smarter than a 5th Grader, but I’m older and more cantankerous than one!

Yesterday I was the lucky recipient of several heartfelt gifts.  Our young kitty, Bonny, bestowed me with a very large mouse and a wee little house finch. Both were discovered on the deck outside of our bedroom by my middle daughter.   Bonny was very proud of the offerings (no pictures taken) so A2 distracted her with praise and pets while I disposed of the carrion. At least these were dead.  Many who room with kitties are treated to rodents, fowl or reptiles who are merely maimed or stunned, leaving their owners to play executioner.  Been there, done that.  Eeek!

Tonight I’m working on experimental knitting. The yarn is some Louet Gems in a lovely eggplant color.  I will not divulge plans for fear of jinxing the entire project.  Cheers!





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6 responses to “What Did You Say?

  1. When Rosemary used to be able to figure out how to push Graham’s bedroom screen out, she’d hop back in and leave little presents for him on his pillow. Usually beaks and feet and nothing else.

  2. Good for you for being old enough to be cantankerous!
    The blue yarn is fabulous, it’s so intensely blue. I would never have guessed it was Gems, it looks like one of those fancy imported French cottons. NICE.

  3. Kitty gifts – sigh. I get them often. Generally the left over head and guts of the deceased.

    Very pretty yarn. Happy experimenting!

  4. CindyCindy

    Since Esau Marie is an indoor only kitty, no gifts. Besides, she has absolutely no cat instincts. Sounds like a hectic, but fun day with the music students. And, the eggplant yarn? Lovely.

  5. If you could train her to bag larger game, she could provide provender for dinner.

    No, strike that.

  6. Terri

    Gorgeous colour! Can’t wait to see what you are making with it. :o)

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