All That is Good

A hat arrived for the Bits for Tits drive, courtesy of Cindy!  This is so soft and so darned adorable.  The little top knot curly queue (or is it curly cue or maybe curly Q?) at the top is charming beyond words.  Thank you, you are a good friend!


There’s still plenty of time for y’all to participate by making either a prosthetic breast or a chemo cap.  The kindness of others never ceases to amaze me.


Yesterday the entire family piled into the minivan and took a drive around the greater Portland area.  The only destinations included two yarn stores I’d never been to before.  First on the list was Twisted.  I had some difficulty locating the store itself and we circled the block several times before I borrowed my husband’s cell phone to beg directions.  I must say that although parking is scarce the help there was warm and friendly. 

Might I just add that I have now experienced Heaven and it feels just like this!  I kept returning to the counter to pet and fondle a newly-cast-on shawl someone had started in some of the bright pink Malabrigo Lace.  The wonderful clerk/owner (not sure what her position was, but she was oh so nice) remained patient and allowed me to touch it without so much as a warning slap. They also carry Mama-E’s C*Eye*ber Fiber!  I will definitely be heading back there, sans family, in the future.  This store also tops my “Good” list.

Several doors down this sign was viewed in a restaurant window. 


This is to clarify that they are indeed closed on each and every Monday during the week, not just on some of the Mondays. 

Next on our excursion was a trip to a yarn store in the south east area of Portland.  Although they did have parking I was by and large unimpressed and shall therefore refrain from mentioning their name. 

Elsewhere, the lovely and talented Jessalu bestowed me with one of the “Nice Matters” awards!  Thank you Jessie. This is quite embarrassing to receive after writing such a rude and horrible post yesterday.  Hopefully the blog police won’t come and strip me of it.


Now comes the hard part.  I am supposed to choose 7 bloggers in turn whom I believe deserve this award.  Only seven? I like all of the people I visit, otherwise they wouldn’t be on my blogroll!  Well, here are some, but not all, of my favorites:

Karen O. at Ye Merrie Cuylter – Karen and I met at Western Washington University in 1988. We shared a brief, but unsuccessful, stint as roommates, but we have remained friends for all of these years. We now have a great deal in common and loads of fun together. She has three adorable children and is extremely talented… especially when it comes to making fabulous quilts.
Cindy at KnitWonPurlToo – Cindy and I met via Secret Pal 7 several years back.  We’ve since become steadfast pals and I count her among my best friends. She lives with her Mum, Grover and Esau Marie in St. Louis and I really, really hope to meet her someday soon in person.
Susan at KitKatKnit – Approximately one year ago Susan held a contest on her blog. For the life of me I could not figure out the answer and the result was that I stewed and fretted for ages.  The entire time I kept pestering Susan for clues.  We began commenting regularly on each other’s blogs and last spring she invited me to join her group of knitting friends at a retreat in Packwood, WA.  That weekend had to be one of the best spent EVER and Susan is wonderful.
Wendy at Progressive Purls – I’m not exactly sure how Wendy and I began corresponding, but she is amazing and I do enjoy comparing and sharing our common experiences.  Not only does she spin award winning yarn, but she’s a prolific knitter, Girl Scout Leader and devoted mother of two.  This is no way meant to claim that I’ve ever spun award winning yarn or knit prolifically, just that I share these interests with her.
Gina at Sleepy Eyes Knitting – Gina is Uber Cool!  Not only does she teach yoga classes, but she knits, spins, has written numerous patterns, to include the Amanda Hat , and she records her very own podcast!
  She has two beautiful boys and I absolutely love reading Gina’s Blog.
Terri at Lilypily Yarns –  It’s been several years since I serendipitously stumbled across Terri’s blog.  We were both knitting men’s socks at the same time out similar yarn and in a similar pattern.  After reading along with her I’ve discovered we have quite a bit in common even though she and I reside on opposite sides of the planet.
Dave at Cabin Cove – Dave has got to be one of most favorite on-line people ever.  Not only does he share domicile with the fabulous Miss Lulu Kitty, but everything he makes is stunningly beautiful. Whether he’s cooking, spinning, dyeing, knitting, sewing or quilting he never fails to impress me. And he’s extremely nice too!
If I did not mention your name here then please don’t feel slighted.  I try and visit each site on my blogroll (and several which I haven’t added yet) regularly.
Blog Friends are definately at the top of the all things Good list.


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7 responses to “All That is Good

  1. You crack me up – that ‘each and every Monday’ thing is something I’d be pointing out, too. ;o)

    You are very deserving of the ‘Nice’ Award – your post yesterday was poking fun at 80’s fashion, which, as far as I’m concerned, is totally deserving of snark. ;o)

  2. Terri

    Oh now I am very humbled. Thank you so much for the award. :o) I have thoroughly enjoyed getting to know you too over the last couple of years. Who’d have thought a couple of pairs of similar socks could have begun such a great online friendship! It really was a serendipitous stumbling you made that day.

  3. We have a shop locally which is closed every Monday – plus Memorial Day and Labor Day. Guess they are *really* closed those days.

  4. Aw, thanks, Heide, the feeling is more than mutual!
    And, so, you and Karen were once roomies, huh? I’m sure there are tales to tell in there somewhere. 🙂

  5. CindyCindy

    Thank you so much. Of course, it’s reciprocated. I lovelovelove the sign. Cracked me up so much I read to Mum and she just chuckled. Language barrier? How cool to have two yarn shops to visit. And, I’m glad you like the hat. It should be soft enough for her. Take care, kiddo!

  6. Wow! Thanks! Totally unexpected and a nice push to do a “real” blog post today in case anyone stops by…now to get the kids to school so’s I can upload some pictures!

  7. Thank you Heide! (blush) I am honored. Cause you are so nice, I might even return your corn bread pan this year at Packwood. HUGS

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