Hey there!  I’ve been working everyday so posting about knitting, kitties, kidlets and life in general has been neglected. Hopefully this will be remedied this evening.  I want to tell you all about my new knitting buddy named Sven. In the meantime here is a funny to keep you occupied.




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2 responses to “Quicky

  1. I’ll be so glad to read a post from you. Have you been hit hard by the storms coming through? Our 8.4 inches last night was from the Pacific Northwest, moving south and then back up through with gobs of moisture. Now, it’s screaming through to the Northeast. Dang. Oh, and who is Sven, already?

  2. What? You had a quickie with Sven? Isn’t this how rumors get started? I’d have loved to have 8.4 inches last night. Cindy’s lucky! Note to self: don’t drink and blog.
    Love, K

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