Oh Dear!

It seems that my Dh is jealous of Sven.  And from the obscene amounts of cuddling, purring and general sucking up my guess is that Bonny spilled the beans.  Consideration for said DH (wouldn’t want him to develop and inferiority complex) combined with sick children have made it impossible for Sven to visit for several days.  Luckily he is quite understanding. Rest assured though that during our next knitting session Bonny shall be confined to my bedroom for some reflective kitty quiet time.

I’ll be home another day with my youngest as both of her ears are infected.  This picture was taken several weeks ago while she was healthy.  She’s normally quite lively and entertaining.


Hopefully some knitting progress can be made during her naps.  The poor little kidlet is just miserable. I’d much prefer her antics, challenging to my motherly abilities as they may be, to her lethargy.

Elsewhere:Tomorrow is Miss Cindy’s birthday so please swing by and wish her a Happy  Birthday! 

Christy had her first Chemotherapy appointment on January 31st and she endured it magnificently!  Christy, you’re my hero.  I just received an email saying that some more chemo caps will be on their way soon.  Hooray!  Thank you, Reva. Remember you have until February 14th to mail either a cap or a prosthesis breast.  Coincidentally, the 14th is also the date of her next treatment. The prizes will be greatly embellished between now and then and I promise you’ll love them.  Head on over to the contest site to check them out.  And don’t forget to head on over to Christy’s blog to give her a virtual hug!

The weather has teetered between depressing and miserably soggy.  The air temperature hovers around 34° F.  It’s too damp for outside enjoyment but not cold enough for real snow.  Even so, my middle daughter managed to scrape enough together to create a snow squirrel on our back deck railing.  Of course the resident snoop, Miss Bonny, had to check it out!


I have a HUGE favor to ask of my knitting friends out there too.  If there is anybody willing to try knitting the knee socks with the pattern I made up then please let me know.  I’m hoping the directions make sense, but I’d like a real knitter to try them.  Thank you!



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2 responses to “Oh Dear!

  1. #1 Say hey to Sven for me. #2 Tell Bonny to mind her own beeswax. #3 Tell little one to get well right now! #4 Yay for Christy. She’s gonna beat it. #5 I’ll be happy to test knit the sock if you aren’t in a huge rush for it. Seriously, dudette. I love the pattern. And, thank you for the birthday wishes. You’re the best. One more thing, our weather is major sucky, too.

  2. Ditto what Cindy said, but what a cool snow squirrel! I know where your kids get their artistic talents (not from B…sorry buddy!)
    I have a pattern for you all to try on my blog–the 16th century knitted trousers. I would pay you for the yarn if you make a pair in Kelly’s size–seriously! I don’t have a pattern, exactly, but looking at the picture…who am I to say? I can’t finish a pair of socks!
    Call me tomorrow if you’re home. Love, K

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