Deja Vu!

Days this week are cloned copies of one another. 

Wake up at 5:00, start  coffee maker, turn on computer to read email, check to see if coffee is done, listen to phone messages for job locations, wake up kids, check coffee again, make sure coffee maker is really on, cook breakfast, re-wake up middle child who has gone back to sleep, nag kids to eat breakfast,   tap side of coffee maker to “help” it along, prepare lunches, give up waiting for coffee to finish brewing and scald hand while attempting to trade my cup for the coffee carafe while steaming liquid is still issueing forth, curse like a sailor (which makes kids eat faster and stop bickering among themselves), remind children to hurry up, toss dishes into dishwasher and wipe down counters, pull something out of freezer for evening meal, go to middle child’s room and forcefully rip blankets off of her, tell oldest daughter to stop hogging the bathroom and remind youngest daughter that we do not watch television before school, switch out laundry to assist eldest child in locating desired shirt, allow youngest child to select clothing even though you know she’ll resemble a bag lady, locate backpacks, sign notes, look for missing homework, remind everyone to brush all of their teeth, not just the front ones, line up coats, hats and other outerwear in preparation for heading to the bus, tell eldest daughter that although it may not be “cool” to wear a coat that it is freezing outside and she’ll be a warm social outcast, bite tongue at sight of youngest daughter’s outfit, don winter coat to wear to bus stop and to cover up pajamas, try to remember where coffee cup is, realize that middle daughter is missing, discover her sleeping under a pile of blankets on the floor, scream like a crazed banshee to prompt quicker movement from child in hopes of making it to the bus stop, frantically grab any present article of clothing and stick it on said child, ignoring indignant cries of being a mean mom and that her shoes don’t match, grasp middle child firmly by arm with one hand, grab her backpack, lunch and coat with the other and sprint the block and half to the bus stop while middle daughter is pulled along at breakneck speeds, her mis-matched shoes never once touching the ground, arrive just as bus is pulling up, thrust school items towards child and shoo her across the street after other children, take a  breath, smile at other mommies, secretly rejoice that about half are also still in pajamas, wave cheerfully as the big yellow bus drives away, enjoy brisk walk home to discover cat licking the one plate left on the counter, a cold cup of coffee, and a wayward assignment due this morning that makes up 1/2 of child’s grade, realize that delivering assignment to school will leave no time for a shower but hope nobody will notice, get dressed for work, forget own lunch, deliver important assignment only to have teacher say that they’ve been given an extra week, dash off to job, hoping for caffeine somewhere along the way.

This week the girls have all three attended cheer leading camp so evenings are just as chaotic. Tomorrow night is their performance though and then we’ll be able to all take a brief respite from extra-curricular activities. Phew!

Last night while at their practice this fellow shuffled past, causing me to do a double take. Under normal circumstances I would have been knitting and completely oblivious to his presence, but as my sock needles had snapped during transport, gainful activity wasn’t possible. Anyway, I did what any self-respecting blogger would do.  I followed him to where he was sitting and asked if I could take his picture.  He cheerfully agreed.


Tomorrow will probably be another like today, but Friday looks promising for change. Penny will be in Portland on Thursday night and on Friday during the day! Hopefully the stars will align and we can meet up.



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9 responses to “Deja Vu!

  1. Gee, sounds like my morning! Except for the coffee part. We’ve been late to school several days this last few weeks, partly due to disorganization, but there’s also construction that is stopping traffic for five minutes at a time. How’s the job? Hope it’s working out well!
    Karen O

  2. Terri

    Oh my goodness. I knew there was a reason I stopped at two. I’m exhausted just reading that. You have my utmost admiration.

  3. I so hope you get to meet up with Penny. That would be a great finish to a spectacular week:) Your mornings sound suspiciously like other mom’s I know. You will have a place in heaven, but for now, you’ve got work to do.

  4. sopranospinner

    OT, depressingly, having waited until almost the last minute to knit a hat for Christie, it’s out of Touch Me and is felting so incredibly small!!! I don’t think it’s any use!!! Oh, well. I’ll send something in but if it’s too late, don’t put me in the contest, it’s just to do my bit.

  5. Dustin

    Hello Heide! I suspect as our kids get older, it gets crazier. R is currently playing two sports and in band. I have given up on “Calgon moments” and moved straight to martinins! haha! W has been hired as a full time firefighter, so his schedule is great in ways and not in others. He has a lot of time off, but when he is on, he is GONE. Makes for full days and lots of running just as you perfectly described. R is getting better about managing his morning and keeping track of his school work, band/sports equipment, etc . He makes his own lunch and that helps to. His bus comes at 7:35…ugh. It’s still DARK for pity’s sake! Poor kids need flash lights to get to the bus stop!
    One thing is true, it has never been easy for the working mom/parent….specifically the working mother. Somehow, we are to manage the needs of our home, pets, children, spouse (if applicable), and other requirements (vehicles, extras), a job, and, oh yeah, ourselves. It is a very difficult balance to extract from the constantly changing circumstances a family present. (R’s basketball schedule will end ans soccer will begin….all new practice days and times, all new travel requirements….)It is great in many ways, and exhausting, truly exhausting in others. I miss you and think of you often. Keep on going!!!!!

  6. gillian

    So that’s Sven!!!

  7. outdoorluvnrookiequiltr

    I was going to say something along the lines that Gillian did, but alas, too late….BUT oh what a gentleman Sven appears to be under his rebel facade 🙂

    Heide – you got me exhasted and its Sunday morning 🙂

  8. I have one word for you:


    It’ll change your life.

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