Spuds Flew and Flu

Last week the flu struck our home.  Prior to this everyone took turns playing host to head colds, sore throats and our littlest ended up with both ears infected.  About mid-week A2 spiked a high fever and began vomiting. We kept her home from school for three days, and on day three her fever broke, leaving her feeling puny and weak, but better.  Only the two youngest here didn’t have flu shots this year.  Next year they will have them, regardless of their protests.

A2 still insisted on performing at the cheer leading exhibition, but during the downtimes she slept on our coats in the corner.  All three girls had a blast performing.  This is all foreign territory to me because I detest being in front of people and I’ve never been the cheerleader-type. I much preferred wearing black and brooding during my own school days.

Anyway, I know that most of you probably won’t be interested in the pictures, but here are some gratuitous shots for Grandma.

The first is of A1 performing the “Moose” jump while A3 pretends to lift her. The second shot shows A2, looking rather pale, doing her rendition of the “Spider Man” jump.  To quote Mr. Bennett from Pride and Prejudice, “They have arms and legs enough between them!”


Here some pictures of the teeming, giggling masses.


Their school mascot is the “Spudders”…  as in potatoes.  This area once was abundant in potato farms, hence the name.  Sadly, development has usurped much of  the farmland here in recent years, but the school clings to its heritage. I can only imagine the fun other schools have with this.

I dropped my camera that night too so I’m unable to take anymore pictures for awhile.  This is extremely frustrating because I wanted to share pictures of a prosthesis knitted and donated by Crystal. Thank you Crystal! I’ve also spun quite a bit and made some knitting progress.  You’ll have to take my word for it.

At 2:00 am on Friday morning A3 wandered into our bedroom with a really high fever.  The poor little thing is still hurting from her ear infections and this flu has hit her hard.  She has a dry, racking cough and her fever spiked at 104.9 at one point. 

One result of the resident illness is that I wasn’t able to meet Penny in Portland on Friday.  I want to make a trip to the Tri-Cities to visit everyone over there from the Packwood retreat, but so far schedules and time have not cooperated.

Hope everyone has enjoyed their weekend.  Cheers!



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5 responses to “Spuds Flew and Flu

  1. I’m so sorry you have been hit so hard by the flu, earaches, etc. Hopefully, soon you’ll all be back at it and well as can be. The girls are growing so fast. Each time I see them, they’re almost unrecognizable. Amazing. They are also quite beautiful. Poor daddy. Gonna be hard on him in a few years. Take care Sweetie and I’m sorry about Penny and very very sorry about the durned camera. Give Bonny and Tasha loves for me, will you?

  2. I’m glad I got my flu shot this year, despite my doubts of its effectiveness. At least this time I didn’t see stars and think about fainting. Sometimes that just happens with me. Give the girls hugs for me and tell them to all get well and stay well–Auntie Karen says so!

    Finished quilting the Log Cabins! I’ll post pictures later tonight.

    Karen O

  3. Wow – fevers like that are scary! I’m glad they’re feeling better. I hope A3 is better soon. ick. I was the punk, alternative type, too, and have managed to sway my girls away from cheerleading. Volleyball is big around here. Still…they all look like they’re having a blast especially the spidey poses.

  4. Feel better quickly kids!

  5. hey sis, you are an interesting and funny writer, more importantly you produce beautiful offspring to carry on the P. genes

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