Never a Dull Moment

Yesterday I enjoyed a day off from work.  My list of leisurely activities included, returning a pair of shorts, buying new parts to repair my daughter’s bicycle, taking the kitty to the vet, buying medicine for the kitty, picking up my own pharmaceuticals elsewhere, repairing the afore-mentioned bicycle, picking up and watching an extra child and then all of the regular chores.  Needless to say, by dinner time a zombie-esque trance had set in. I wandered from the pantry to the freezer and then to the refrigerator trying to decide what to cook. Upon opening the refrigerator this sight greeted me. 


What a strange group of pranksters this family is!  The produce net was an especially nice touch.  We ate chicken and dumplings and left the alien head for another night.

Today I pulled my sweater UFO out of mothballs in hopes of finishing it off sometime this month.  This is the  A Cardigan for Arwen  sweater which was stashed away back in November in lieu of Christmas knitting. The back, front left panel and left sleeve are complete.  The next step should be creating the left side of the hood.  The problem is that it’s been so long since working on this that I’m completely lost.   The phrase, “Couldn’t find your arse with both hands and a road map” completely applies.   Tonight I’ll stare at it and read the pattern again in hopes that something clicks.




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9 responses to “Never a Dull Moment

  1. Darn and I thought I would finish before you. Arwen is kicking my arse. I have never struggled so much with a pattern. I am trying to decide if it is the yarn or the double sided cables.

    Here’s to solidarity. We will finish our knitpick’s Arwens. Good luck in finding your place.

  2. Rae

    Oh but you must finish it! I’ve toyed with the idea of it. But I was really banking on you being the test knitter. What knitpicks yarn are you using? Love the alien. Do you think that he will keep until Halloween?

  3. I’m expecting a finished shot before July. Or October, whichever works for you. I love the mask in the fridge. Where else would you store an alien? I hope your weather is way less gray. Take care and btw, what do you serve with alien?

  4. I’ve never seen an alien head in my fridge – but that reminds me that I have the Unsolved Mysteries UFO DVD in the player – see ya!

  5. Oh, that is TOO funny. I have to tell you a quick story- when we were kids, my brother and I took one of my sister’s baby dolls, and put it in the big freezer in the basement, to hide. Well, time went by and we forgot about it. Months later, mom went down into the dark basement to get something to thaw for dinner, and she opened the freezer. The only light was the light inside the freezer, shining right down on a frost-covered little pink baby doll. We heard her shrieks out into the back yard. When we got inside, she was holding the doll upside by the leg, and did not have a happy look on her face. (We got punished when dad got home.) So, seeing the bagged alien head reminded me of that long-lost memory. Good for you for NOT freaking out.

  6. Your house is soooooo much more entertaining than mine.

  7. I was greeted with a much more pleasant sight in the fridge this morning…roses! But the alien head–that’s just too funny! I love the green sweater–I hope something does click so I can see it finished! (It’s not in my size, is it?) 🙂 Happy Valentine’s day!
    Karen O

  8. No recipe for alien head handy?

  9. I always use the phrase “Can’t find his way out of a paper bag” myself. Love the alien head.

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