Happy Valentine’s Day From Sven!


Okay, so maybe this isn’t exactly what Sven looks like, but Wyeth’s work is pretty darned close.   In order to keep this a family-friendly blog I made sure that he had a heart on. Happy Valentine’s Day!



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6 responses to “Happy Valentine’s Day From Sven!

  1. Was that a play on words???????????

  2. snort!

    Happy Valentine’s day to you (and Sven)-

  3. Ah, yes, this is Sven. His brother has broader shoulders and an…ahem…obvious tan line.

  4. I love it: a heart on. I bow to your cunning linguistics.

  5. Hard to see if his pen is working. We can see he’s erect, you know…standing at attention…
    I’ve probably reduced the rating on your blog from PG-13 to X at this point.
    Happy Valentine’s!
    Karen O

  6. My, he has such a big heart on, too! You crack me up.

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