Just last week gray skies and gloom blanketed our region.  On Friday everything changed.  Sure, there was morning frost on the ground, but that’s a small price to pay for the clear blue skies and glorious sunshine we’ve enjoyed for three days. Some harbingers of spring even poked through!


While searching through my sock yarn bin I discovered a long-lost UFO so I pulled it out and finished up the second sock.  Here they are basking in the sun following their bath.


In addition to finishing these and working through the grueling pattern writing process for the knee socks , I cast on a pair of  very large, stripedy, manly socks.  My DH claims that the only thing “manly” about these is their size.  They’re a little on the wild side for his mild-mannered self.


We’ve also began some spring projects around the house and yard.   I’ve tried painting  A2’s bedroom walls with an ocean theme four times since we moved here, but all attempts were miserable failures.  Murals are NOT my forte.  So her room was cleared out and the walls were painted a solid light blue. The molding and trim is still drying in the garage, but hopefully it will all be reassembled by nightfall. The new ocean theme will be achieved by accessorizing and adding some tropical fish clings to the windows.  I am so NOT Martha Stewart.


Can you guess what this is?


Besides being a horrible picture of my  left wrist, this is what’s commonly known as a ganglion cyst.  From what I can gather these are quite common and nothing to be alarmed about.  It feels strange when I bend my hand, but it’s not  painful.  On the other hand, the treatments of said cysts sound downright barbaric.  When an old friend told me to have someone whack it with a book I thought she was kidding.  Turns out this is a real “cure,” referred to as Bible Therapy because bibles were often the book of choice due to their weight.  Talk about your old testament exorcisms.  For now I’ll opt for that North African cure called, De Nile.  If it interferes with activities (such as knitting, spinning, etc.) or if it begins to hurt then I’ll make an appointment to see my heathen doctor, and have it removed via modern methods, thank you very much!

And before any of y’all in the mid-west begin posting hate comments because of our weather I’d like to say that more clouds and rain are headed this way.  Hope those of you who had a long weekend were able to relax, etc.

Here’s a little “kiss” !  You’ll either smile or go, “eeewww!”



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12 responses to “Spring?

  1. A crocus!!!!! How wonderful and exciting and hopeful and stuff. I love your socks. I love your DH socks (what is it with guys, anyway. I also love the hippo. As for decorating? Our idea of decorating is to paint the walls and ceilings and hang curtains. Little doodads and nicenices are for others, not me. BTW, do you have an alternative healing center near you? There are naturopathic cures for ganglion cysts that take forever, but are kinder and gentler to your system. Of course, you can always have DH hit you with a dictionary. I mean on your wrist. Peanut had one when she was younger and it interfered with her oboe. Hers eventually went away on its own, maybe yours will too (IHOPE).

  2. Lucky duck w/ the flowers and sunshine!
    My lil sis had that they did some simple cut it out sort of procedure when it got really bad adn started to hurt, but that was a good 2 years after she first noticed it. I have heard of the bible thumping(that is what we called it b/c it was hilarious) and we would have done it if the girl could leave her arm out w/o flinching 😀

  3. Yup, that’s the “cure”, fer sure. I had one on my face years ago. And I was NOT going to have anyone hit me upside the head with a Bible. I had the surgeon do it. No scars, physical, emotional or religious.

  4. Flowers, sunshine, and a finished pair of socks???? What a lucky girl you are. Okay, except for the lump that needs to be squashed with a Bible. Eeeewwwww. 😦

  5. I have the same cyst, same wrist, same place. My doctor definitely advised not hitting it with anything. I had to eventually go the surgery route – and it was great for awhile – but they often grow back. So now I have another one, only difference is the little surgery scar right across the top of it!

    Hope it never causes you discomfort or interferes with knitting or spinning!

  6. Did you take pictures of the oceanic painting you did in A’s room? It was beautiful!!! Hope the 4th time’s the charm! The socks (all of them) are lovely! Good luck with the cyst. Maybe you should name it? How about Lumpy?
    Love, Karen O

  7. I won’t go all hatin’ on ya. It’s a nice reminder that spring will come, eventually. I like your socks!

  8. Seriously. You’re showing me crocuses.


  9. lilypily

    Me too. Cyst that is. Also on the same wrist. Mine isn’t quite as impressive as yours but I know it’s there. It doesn’t bother me either. My aunt also has one in the same place. I just think of it as the beginnings of my gnarly old witch hands. :o)

  10. I like how the socks coordinate so nicely with the crocuses.

  11. hotshottiff

    I just wanted to say I enjoyed reading your blog. I too have a ganglion cyst. I jumped on the internet quite a while ago and did some research, I too found the story about the bible cure. That sounds like that wound really hurt. I’ve already had to have 2 shoulder surgeries and 1 wrist surgery due to an injury I received at work (I’ve been off of work for almost a year because of it). I had to do physical therapy for my first three surgeries and my doctor said that it was the repetitive motion in PT that gave me the ganglion cyst. I don’t know if you’ve ever had to have a wrist surgery before but let me give you a hint of advice if you haven’t. If you end up having to have the surgery try and find clothes to wear that are easy to get on and off. Around the house I just wear my pajama bottoms and a t-shirt but when I go out in public I found, with some helpful advice from my husband, that medical scrubs are really handy. No buttons or zippers!! That way you don’t get stuck in a ladies room with no way to button or zip your jeans… Trust me it can be embarrassing. After reading my story about my surgeries a fellow blogger suggested that I order my scrubs from a website called http://www.scrubcenter.com, so that’s where I got mine. I had never heard of it before, but I’m glad they suggested it to me. But that’s just my advice. Hopefully, you won’t need a surgery but just in case you do I wish you luck. I hope everything works out for you…

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