I’m Very, Very Sorry

I shall prostrate myself and beg forgiveness from Christy as well as from those who won prizes in the contest last week.  I worked every day at the local high school and even substituted in the evening at the day care center this past week.  The result being that none of the packages were mailed.  Tomorrow I will visit one of the local mailing centers and get those items out A.S.A.P.

The work is wonderful because I enjoy working with kids, and it’s nice to be contributing financially. The downside is the lack of time for other endeavors, such as mailing packages, knitting or even cooking regular meals.  Last night I slinked into Subway and picked up sandwiches for dinner on my way home because nothing was defrosted in the morning before I  left for work.  I’ve finally came to the conclusion that no matter what, I’ll feel guilty and inadequate.  If I’m home cooking, cleaning and taking care of the house, family, pets, etc. then I feel bad for not working and contributing financially.  I want a clone… or two or three.

I have no pictures to share, as nothing exciting has happened this week. Tomorrow night I’m supposed to work the Tin Cup Game booth at the school carnival.  That’s the only social engagement planned for the weekend.

Cindy is having a contest over at her blog! She is going to award one lucky reader some lovely tweed yarn just for commenting. While there you can see adorable pictures of her kitty, Miss Esau Marie and her extra-large and lovable pooch, Grover.  Hope you all enjoy your weekend.



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4 responses to “I’m Very, Very Sorry

  1. Take a deep breath. Have a cup of tea. Then hug yourself (from me). I just had a thought, though. What if you take one day a week where you do not work? You gotta take time for yourself and to maintain a level of sanity and organization. That might be the best solution. That way you can catch up on laundry and shopping and maybe make a few dinners to freeze for the week. And maybe do a little knitting, too. 😀
    Love, Karen O

  2. Let’s get something straight here, ok? When you are working, you do not SLINK into Subway. You walk in like all the rest of us, dragging and grateful to have made it through the day and happy that you have the money in your wallet (because I never carry much cash) to pick up the sandwiches. Boy, has society done a number on you. I’ll bet the girls are thrilled to have something different, too. Take care of yourself. We’ve talked about this before. All women suffer from “perfect” syndrome. Oh, jeez, I just read my rant. I’m sorry. Have a wonderful weekend. We love you.

  3. I wish you wouldn’t worry about the packages. We all have the same life, you know, in one way or another! And we always feel like we’re not performing well. Well, I do, anyway, and my RL mommy friends. I’ve taken to forcibly carving spinning time out of the day and DH has referred to me as “obsessing” about it, purely because I spin when there is still other stuff to do! If I didn’t, that wheel would sit idle and my Fair sweater would never get spun let alone knit. Oh, well. I shall continue to “stalk happiness” and I hope you can find a place of contentment in everything that’s going on.

  4. How DARE you have a life??!?! Sheesh! ;o)

    Oh and Subway? At least it wasn’t pizza – which is way worse for you, IMHO.

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