Per•pe•tuas Bro•ken•i•as n 1. The universal law stating that unexpected or unusual sums of cash shall coincide only with unexpected or unusual expenses.

Most people in my circle of acquaintances are intimately familiar with this truth.  Not only are we familiar with it in our house, but it’s come to be expected.  Therefore, after determining that we would indeed receive a tax refund from Uncle Sam it was no surprise that several large items chose this juncture in time to depart the corporeal bonds of this realm. A round of Rock-Paper-Scissors decided that we replace our non-functioning garage door. I stayed home from work yesterday in order to write the check supervise the endeavor.  Hold on to your seats folks, this is really exciting!


While Mr Garagedoorman replaced this, I cleaned house. Specifically the closets in my daughters’ bedrooms.  Yikes! Because A2 is the only one without a built-in window seat for storing toys, etc. I rectified that situation and cleared an unsightly item from the garage at the same time.


It may not be a thing of beauty, but prior to this transformation it was on old Army foot locker.  The foot locker had glue spilled on the inside, and several colors of spray paint adorned the outsides.  Oops, looks like some wayward roving attached itself to the bottom and found its way into the picture.

The yarn wardrobe also had an appointment with organization. Minor amounts of de-stashing occurred and some miscellaneous odds and ends were thrown out.  I found this roving from a dye experiment gone wrong. 


En-route to the garbage can I walked past the wheel, stopped and decided to give it a spin.  After all, there was nothing to lose.  Turns out that I really like the colors of the yarn even though the roving looked like vomit.


Finally, I frogged the Arwen cardigan back and began the hood portion again.


Today it’s back to working both jobs again, but tomorrow is FRIDAY!  Glorious, wonderful Friday! Oh how I love you.

Christy called yesterday to say that the box of items was received and that she loves and appreciates each and everything made for her.  She wanted to pass on a big “Thank you” to everyone who made something. And do you know what? That crazy woman is back to working again. Today is another round of chemo for her so I’m sending good “anti-nausea” and energy vibes her way. 



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8 responses to “Physics

  1. You industrious thing, you. Cleaning on your day home to supervise the garage door guy. I love your roving. It looks like Easter eggs. How much will you end up with? Enough for a sweater? Shawl? Scarf? Socks????? I’m so glad Christy is hanging tough. She’s another amazing woman. You guys rock.

  2. Wow, what a lot of work! I like the transformed locker, the cushion is nice. And the transformation of the yarn is great, too! And who crocheted that doily I spy?

  3. I thought the roving was pretty and was screaming (in my head) no no no, not the garbage can! before I even saw the yarn. It is gorgeous!

  4. I had some ideas about doing the same sort of thing to Kelly’s Big Silver Box that he used as a shipping crate to go back and forth to Hong Kong, but it looks like it’s been hit by a truck a few times, then tied to a caboose and dragged a couple hundred miles down the tracks. How nice yours turned out! I’ve got some projects to do today…hopefully I’ll have some photos tonight to share! Hope your day goes well and you don’t need to burn any more bridges!
    Love, Karen

  5. Yes, I agree about the cash/reason the cash can’t stay in the bank problem. We got our refund last week, but the glee (and the small spree) are over. A friend needed money for her car payment this afternoon or the repo man was coming TODAY. Ho hum. At least I’m working a lot to make up for last month (which s*cked).

    Thanks again for the goodies. Sending good thoughts Christy’s way.

  6. The yarn is nice.
    I’d think about overdyeing before trashing, though, if ever confronted by this situation in future.

  7. Rae

    I love the yarn! And the footlocker!

  8. Sometimes vomit-esque roving can surprise you. ;o) Cool footlocker – and congrats on the new door!

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