Hey Y’all!

Talk about a slacker!  I had no idea that I’d not blogged in… forever. Then again, organization has long forsaken us here. A prime example is this Saturday when  we’re having a swimming party to celebrate my youngest daughter’s birthday.  The festivities will include the standard cupcakes, goodie bags, balloons and even a water slide for entertainment.  This sounds fine and Jim Dandy. Not a bad birthday party for any kid… until you consider the fact that her birthday was in December!  We told her that it will be like having two birthdays in a year so she’s happy for now.  That excuse would NOT have been acceptable for either of her sisters.  Then again, A3 also failed to put 2 and 2 together and realize why she found a drawer full of envelopes containing all of their teeth with names and dates the teeth were lost written on the outside. She confronted me with one of the envelopes and demanded that I return it to the tooth fairy.  She’s seven.  Should I be concerned? I don’t remember ever buying into that Tooth Fairy, Santa Clause-type story and I find it strange that anyone could.  It’s that damned cynicism gene I inherited from my mother.

My sweater has grown, but I don’t know how many more pictures I can show everyone of the same green blob without being annoying.  Here’s an “artistic” shot of the blob with some silk spinning. Notice the lovely green clover patch lawn?


Only 15 days until it’s officially spring, but we’ve been enjoying uncharacteristically warm (upper 40’s, lower 50’s F) these past few weeks. 

Speaking of spring, etc., what in the heck is up with this Daylight Saving’s Time crap?  The durned government can’t decide on life or death issues but they voted to pass a law shortening standard time  in the name of saving energy.  I find this seriously annoying and I challenge the Einstein’s behind this plan to ‘splain to me how this is good.

In other news, Tasha began some brand new, really strong antibiotics two weeks ago and she’s like a brand new kitty! She doesn’t look a day over 15, let alone her  real age of 20+ years.  

Whoo hoo, the bathroom just emptied, I’m jumping in to take a bath… hopefully undisturbed. Cheers!




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9 responses to “Hey Y’all!

  1. The green of your sweater is fabulous!

  2. Rae

    Huba found out about the tooth fairy just recently. I think it was harder on me worrying about how he would look at me. Love the green. It’s going to go great with your eyes and hair. Great pick!

  3. Crystal

    I am so jealous of your green grass! I finished up a pair of socks for my daughter with the yarn you sent and they are awesome. She loves them. And there’s still a ton of yarn left over. Here’s the link if you want to see:
    If that link doesn’t work, my Ravelry name is mommystimeout. Thanks again!

  4. Now I know where Spring went. I’m glad you got it. I love your sweater. A3 is just naive, thank goodness. Her lessons will come hard. I’m so sorry. I was the same way. The spinning is gorgeous. You are not a slacker. You are normal. Organization is merely a myth and perpetuated by those who like to feel superior. I’m not buying into the myth. Take care and enjoy the swim party. My b’day being in February has always made me want a BBQ and swim party. Didn’t happen then, ain’t happenin’ now. Take care, kiddo!

  5. I know! I was looking through my calendar last night (frightening enough) and saw that DST starts this weekend. Is it really true? Can it be so far before such an early Easter? Well, it’s better than doing it Easter Sunday when I have to sing an extra service at 8:00! And spring break starts the next day, heavenly.

  6. 1. Green grass or any lawn covering for that matter? What’s that?
    2. I love the Daylights Savings Time crap – so there.
    3. Hello Tasha, House of Kitkatknit love you!
    4. Packwood Weekenders can’t wait to see you for Alpaca Showcase!!!!!!

  7. That is a gorgeous green!

  8. Love the sweater—looks like it is coming along great! It is a rich and beautiful green.

    I’m so glad to hear that kitty-cat is well. We had one for 18 years when my kids were growing up, and he was very much loved, I will tell you! And he was much like one of the children–I till miss him after 14 years!

  9. Maybe Tasha should change her name to Methusula. Sorry if I spelled that creatively. 🙂 I think we should just do away with daylight savings time. What a confusing thing to do! No one else in the world does it, why should we? Then again, Newfoundland is off by a half-hour from their neighbors. They’re just demented. The 10 year old finally figured out there’s no Santa or tooth fairy, but only when the 6 year old told her that Daddy’s Santa and Mommy’s the tooth fairy. Hello? The 6 year old still hasn’t lost a single tooth. Should I be worried? Mom-in-law is here to watch the kids tomorrow while we go to the CF conference. Fun-fun-fun! I gotta find some knitting to do. Love, K

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